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Game Of Thrones Fans Have Spotted Something In New Promo Videos

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Game Of Thrones Fans Have Spotted Something In New Promo Videos

As the countdown clock to the eighth and final series of Game of Thrones ticks ever closer to zero hour, fans of the show are scrutinising every single bit of evidence to see if they can get the inside line on what is going to happen.

Here's the latest thing they've turned up, and it's actually pretty convincing.

So, you might have notice that HBO put out three short promo videos the other day. One called 'Survival', one called 'Together', and one called 'Aftermath'.

Put two of them for a bit and let's focus on 'Together'. More specifically, let's focus on one single shot in that short promo.



Bear with me, here.

In one fleeting shot of the video, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are seen standing in front of a fire. Now, one eagle-eyed watcher on the web has seen that the fireplace bears some striking similarities to the fireplace at Dragonstone.

Remember Dragonstone? The ancestral seat of the Targaryen family and - intermittently - home to Stannis Baratheon and co.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

This is interesting because at the end of the seventh series they buggered off up towards the north to fight the advancing army of the Night King. So, why would they be back at Dragonstone?

Does this mean that Dany and Jon are set to survive whatever is going to happen up at Winterfell? It certainly alludes to that.

The Reddit user who made this cataclysmic discovery goes by the name of Spiral66. He told The Huffington Post: "When the promo came out, most people assumed, including myself, that the shot of Dany was before the big battle at Winterfell.


"But as this sub has a tendency to over analyse things, I started thinking, 'What if this was somewhere else?' And sure enough, after looking up the Dragonstone fireplace, the carvings from both images matched."

Hmm, OK. Interesting.


Spiral66 continued: "After that I checked what the Winterfell fireplaces looked like and they seem to have a much more traditional style so then I became certain this scene was at Dragonstone.

"Dany and Jon (who is briefly in this clip) at Dragonstone suggests that after presumably losing Winterfell, they retreat to Dragonstone and use it as their new base of operations,

"As others have noticed, Dany seems to be contemplative ― maybe even mourning over the lost battle and lives. Jorah or Greyworm maybe as some of the casualties?"

OK, we're not claiming to know exactly who won't survive the big battle that we've been promised - the biggest battle in TV history, apparently - but the argument that Jon and Daenerys are back at Dragonstone certainly does ask a few questions.


If you want to join the conversation, head over to Game Of Thrones: Westeros Posting on Facebook and offer up your theory.

The final series of Game of Thrones will air on Sky Atlantic on April 15th.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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