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A ‘Hitman’ TV Series Is Being Written By ‘John Wick’ Creator Derek Kolstad

A ‘Hitman’ TV Series Is Being Written By ‘John Wick’ Creator Derek Kolstad

The bald headed Agent 47 has been a massive video game franchise that has lasted for more than 17 years. But now, after many ups and downs for the character, it looks like he's finally getting his own TV show.

It's reported that not only will Hitman get the silver screen treatment, but it will also be written by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad. Deadline reports that the TV show will be ready by 2019 and will be brought to life by Fox 21 and streaming service Hulu.

The games follow a genetically engineered assassin, whose DNA is made from five of the world's most dangerous criminals. He gets his name from the barcode on the back of his head, which says '640509-040147'.


The best part about this news is that it will stick closely with the video game storyline, and considering there have been nine games since it was first released in 2000, there is plenty of material to work with.

While most people will be excited at the idea of Hitman getting the John Wick treatment, there have been film versions of the game which haven't exactly done well.

The first was released in 2007 and has a Rotten Tomato rating of 15 percent, with the Critics Consensus saying: "Hitman features the unfortunate combination of excessive violence, incoherent plot, and inane dialogue." The 2015 follow-up movie, Hitman: Agent 47, did even worse and only received nine percent on the rating website.


However, considering that Kolstad's two creations with Keanu Reeve received an 86 and 90 percent, I reckon we can rest assured it will be a sick TV series.

But opinion appears to be split on social media.

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Some people point out one of the reasons why the two movies failed was because of an excessive amount of violence, which conflicts with the main premise of the game, which is stealth.

One person wrote: "I truly don't see why they keep on trying to make video game shows or movies popular. The Hollywood crowd is so out of touch of what makes video games good and they just don't translate any of what makes the game good."

However, someone on the other side of the argument reckons a TV series is the best fit for the franchise, saying: "Honestly Hitman is really one of those games that lends itself far better to an episodic series than it does to a movie.

"Each assassination level or job is more like an episode with each game having an overarching myth arc."


The writers have a bit of time up their sleeve on this one and it will be interesting to see who they cast as the legendary Agent 47. Timothy Olyphant and Rupert Friend played the movie version hitman. Will the casting director pick them again or find a new assassin?

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