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Guy On 'Jeremy Kyle' Tells Audience Member: "I'll Take Your Girl From You"

Guy On 'Jeremy Kyle' Tells Audience Member: "I'll Take Your Girl From You"

Mr Steal-Your-Girl.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A man who appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show has been branded the worst guest ever, after threatening to squash host Jezza and telling random members of the audience he'll steal their girlfriends, before asking if they want a fight.

Mark was on the show with his ex, Amanda, to get a DNA test on their child. Classic Jezza fare. Jeremy Kyle 101.

The couple, who were together for six months, split up shortly after Amanda discovered she was pregnant.

While on the show, Amanda claimed her ex-partner had told her he hoped she would die during childbirth, and that he spent most of his money on weed and other women.

Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

Meanwhile, Mark was backstage, fuming.

He went on to ask Jeremy, "Who do you think you're talking to?" Bloody hell, Mark, don't you know the drill by now? His name is on the wall; he asks the questions.

He then called Jeremy a clown and charged onto the stage.

From here, his manners didn't improve much.

He asked his ex if she was 'mad' a few times and when Jeremy asked him why he kept on saying 'yeah', Mark replied, "'Cause I'm from Leeds, fam." Cringing hell.

Naturally, the audience were pissing themselves at his antics, but that made Mark worse.

Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

He told one fella: "Muppet, I'll take your girl from you."

To which the audience member replied: "With your teeth? Are you having a laugh?"

Credit: The Jeremy Kyle Show/ITV

After that guy made a show of him, he turned back on the host, calling him a big-nosed clown and saying: "I'll squash you on the bottom of my shoe."

It's like he's got no maximum capacity for humiliation, because he just keeps going.

"I'd love to get hold of you, mate," he told Jeremy, which I think is meant to be a threat, but actually sounds quite romantic.

Anyway, he is the kid's dad - and he took the opportunity to announce he's there for his son every day and is a good dad. But I don't think Jeremy is convinced.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

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