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Guy Savagely Reveals Why He Wouldn't Go Out Again With Date

Guy Savagely Reveals Why He Wouldn't Go Out Again With Date

A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with first dates. While there is an element of excitement prior to the date, your thoughts seem to be consumed by overriding fears of what could go wrong.

Those concerns don't get any better once you're on the date if it's completely awkward and it's far more preferable to jump onto a bike with no seat.


But despite all this, some people take the option to go on a first date on television so that thousands of other people can witness the embarrassment, confusion and awkwardness.

First Dates Hotel is a show that yanks it to the extreme, as following the date the 'happy' couple have to explain whether or not they'd like another date while sat within inches of their potential future Mr or Mrs.

On this particular episode they didn't quite click - which is fair enough, really. But for some odd reason the man pours salt into the wounds of the girl while consistently digging himself into a deeper hole.

He repeatedly says that she wears too much makeup and keeps going until she literally has to tell him to stop...


Credit: First Dates

After the interviewer asks if they'd like to go on another date, the guy says: "Errr... For all the right reasons, and I thought we had a great date, honestly I did, I thought it was the best. I even said, 'line up any girl and I'd rather go on a date with you', but I just didn't feel that spark. I felt like it was more of a mate-date.

"I don't normally go for girls who have got makeup and stuff. We're talking honestly, aren't we? It's not a bad thing, because you look great with your makeup.

"It's just a personal preference of mine, because you look great in your makeup. I just don't want it all over my face."

He then goes on to talk again, but before he can get anything out she interrupts, saying 'no it's fine, you can stop'.

Credit: Channel 4/First Dates

At the same time, the woman has a bewildered look on her face. They eventually go their separate ways, checking in with their respective mates.

"Yeah, mine didn't go as good, to be honest," she tells her friend. "He like fully burned me out. His feedback was pretty brutal. He told me that I wear too much makeup and it wasn't for him and he didn't want it on his face."

Mate, come on.

Source: First Dates

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/First Dates

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