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Here's What Missandei's Last Words Really Meant In The Latest Game Of Thrones

Here's What Missandei's Last Words Really Meant In The Latest Game Of Thrones

Here's a clue, it wasn't 'make peace and leave'

Tom Wood

Tom Wood


Well, last night Game of Thrones returned to the evil old ways. OK, it's all well and good staging the biggest battle of all time and everyone complaining when the main characters - mostly, at least - survive.

That usually means we've got to prepare for some deaths. This episode brought the axe down on that promise.

By axe, we are talking of course about a spear through the neck and one hell of a sword swing.

Sure, everyone was sad to see the death of yet another dragon in Rhaegal. We're down to just one, guys.

One hell of a splash.

However, whilst Rhaegal is probably of more strategic use, the heartstrings were well and truly tugged by the death of Missandei.

Daenerys Targaryen's trusted friend, confidante, and sometime translator met her end bravely with a cry of 'Dracarys!'.

For the uninitiated, that's High Valyrian for 'BURN THESE BASTARDS' basically.

She met her end well, at least.

But is that what she really meant?

Of course, it would fit with the narrative arc that Dany seems to be on at the minute. She's discovered that Jon Snow is not only her nephew (gross) but also has a decent shout to sit on the big boy chair when all this fighting is over.

She's also now seen two of her kids skewered by various evil forces, and - now - lost her best mate.

Surely the next episode is going to see her previously soft attitude to the slaughter and incineration of common folk go out of the window, right?

After all this, the only way to fight Cersei's evil is with evil of your own, isn't it?

Well, some folk online interpreted Missandei's statement as a plea to her queen to send Drogon - the last remaining dragon - in to save her. Others reckon it is a foreshadowing of Dany's own fate.

That's silly though. She's a Targaryen and probably not that bothered by dragon fire. Also, is her own child gonna burn her to death? Unlikely.

For a tasty piece of insight we could also look to the actor who played Missandei. She knows how this all turns out.

After the episode, Nathalie Emmanuel tweeted simply: "Dracarys"

She then followed that up with a secondary tweet that explained it all: "Aka 'Burn the bish'."

Fair enough. Cometh the hour, cometh the Mad Queen.

You asked for this.

What do you think Missandei meant? How is this all going to play out? Come tell us over at Game of Thrones: Westeros Posting on Facebook.

Game of Thrones' final season continues next Monday at 2am, then again for viewers in the UK at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

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