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Idris Elba Says Filming 'Luther' Is 'Grim'

Idris Elba Says Filming 'Luther' Is 'Grim'

"It’s a show that’s really cerebral, it’s dark, quite heavy – intense"

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

It's been three years since we last saw Luther on our screens, but now the wait is almost over, and tomorrow night fans will get the chance to catch up with John and his new partner DS Catherine Halliday (played by Wunmi Mosaku) - as well find out how Alice seemingly comes back from the dead - and I can't bloody wait.

But as entertaining as the show is to watch, when it comes to filming it, it's not a great. At least according to Idris Elba.

Opening up about the gruelling filming schedule, Idris told LADbible: "It's really tough to film. I ain't going to lie. It's 4am and 5am calls because we shoot it in winter and because you get less daylight you shoot really early in the morning and it's... grim.

"We're not shooting a show about Disneyworld, we're shooting a show about murderers and the detection of murderers. It's a show that's really cerebral, it's dark, quite heavy - intense. So, after a day's filming for Luther I just want to go the pub... or go home and watch some Disney."

Fair enough, that's pretty much how I felt after watching the first episode of the third season.

Now, that's not to say that Idris doesn't love the fact that Luther is pretty bloody creepy.

"Luther is particularly dark," he added. "The slant on it is to focus on the darker side of crime. I think Luther is one of the first shows to lead it in that way and you're seeing a lot of shows that end up really dark now and I think that's great. I feel proud that John Luther is an international, British detective. And it's dark."

It's that very darkness and intensity that audiences love, but Idris reckons it's also why the show doesn't get a new outing every single year.


He told us: "I think that it's so dark, you couldn't maintain it year in, year out. I really don't think audiences are ready for that. I think they like the anticipation of the gaps, because they know, hopefully - and this season shouldn't be any different - that we deliver on the original vibe. But if we did it over and over again, it would just be... uh-uh."

Speaking about the new season, he added: "We tend to try and come back to what the audience want to see. We try not to change it too much, so it's really back to business.

"This season we're going to concentrate on one case and spread it over four episodes, but within that there are other things that turn up onto John's desk. We'll see some old characters and some new characters."

Of course, this season also sees the return of Alice (played expertly by Ruth Wilson). Talking about the weird relationship between Luther and his sometime-accomplice, he said: "I think John and Alice definitely got together at one.

"We have to say they are attracted to one another. This season will answer whether they can be together or not, I think."

The first episode of the new season airs 1 January at 9pm on BBC. The four-parter will run across consecutive nights, finishing on 4 January.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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