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Idris Elba Shares 'Awkward' Photo With Daniel Craig At Golden Globes

Idris Elba Shares 'Awkward' Photo With Daniel Craig At Golden Globes

The 'Luther' star was sat next to the current 007 at the Golden Globes ceremony last night

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

James Bond is one of the most iconic roles in film.

So, when the position for a new actor to take on the part comes up, the rumour mill isn't slow to get going, with dozens of names thrown into the mix.

In recent years, one of the actors touted to don the tux is the current sexiest man on the planet and star of BBC thriller, Luther, Idris Elba.

A controversial choice, some have claimed that Elba wouldn't be right for the role as he does't fit into the character created by Ian Fleming in the original novels.

Anthony Horowitz - who is writing the next Bond novel - even said he felt Elba was 'too street' to play the part, which it's safe to say, didn't go down too well.

The two Brits stopped for a selfie during the Golden Globes ceremony.

And despite the actor himself claiming that he wouldn't be the next Bond, he's done a great job of stirring the pot over the last 18 months, hinting on several occasions that he would in fact be interested.

Last year, he even tweeted a picture of himself to his Twitter account, with the caption: "The name's Elba, Idris Elba," which sent fans into a frenzy.

Well, he's wasted no time in adding more grist to the mill with yet another photo, but this time alongside current Bond, Daniel Craig, who was set to have his final outing as the MI6 agent this year, until the film's director, Danny Boyle, pulled out due to 'creative differences'.

This isn't the first time the 'Luther' actor has hinted at taking on the iconic role.

Shared to his Instagram story with the the caption 'awks', the candid photo shows the pair at the Golden Globes Ceremony, in Los Angeles, last night.

The 46-year-old's fiancée, Sabrina Dhowre, also posted the snap to her Instagram account, with the caption: "Not to add to the fire nice guys."

Elba commented on the pic, writing: "Er...?"

But the Avengers star wasn't just there to cause controversy, he then watched on as his 16-year-old daughter Isan Elba took to the stage as an ambassador for this year's ceremony.

In an video shared to his Instagram account, the proud dad said: "The Golden Globes tonight are unbelievably special. I get to watch my daughter on that stage. I want to shout out to her mum who has done an amazing job. We're very proud to see her on the stage. Wow. What an amazing evening."

Come on, just give the people what they want.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/PA

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