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Interesting Harry Potter Fan Theory About Fawkes Might Blow Your Mind

Interesting Harry Potter Fan Theory About Fawkes Might Blow Your Mind

We're all suckers for online fan theories of films and TV shows. I guess when lads feel sad, guilty and a lowlife after average masturbation sessions, it's much easier to continue to immerse yourself in a theory about something like Cersei Lannister's boobs rather than real life.

There's always the more popular fan theories, Game of Thrones being one, more recently Stranger Things coming to the fore and Harry Potter holding its own in the film world.


There's the typical Potter ones we've all heard - the Dursleys being horcruxes, Dumbledore being gay (which J.K Rowling confirmed to be true), Harry's hair parting being the reason for Voldermort hating him, and Hermione liking cauliflower being the root to hers and Ron's relationship.

Either way, there's a fairly new theory that makes a lot of sense.

The theory, explained by Lazy Ciaran on his YouTube channel, is an extenuation of a theory that J.K Rowling actually shot down a while back.

The original theory claims that Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes, is actually a horcrux that the professor created when he accidentally killed his sister Ariana.


YouTubers SuperCarlinBrothers popularised the theory, though the author of the books shut down the idea, rather emphatically, saying that it actually upsets her.

The update of the theory suggests that Fawkes is in fact a horcrux, but not necessarily Dumbeldore's.

For those proper Potter heads, you'll be fully aware that Voldermort accidentally created a horcrux - Harry. It's possible that The Boy Who Lived did the same thing down in The Chamber of Secrets when he killed that big bastard Basilisk bellend.

When Potter killed it, the theory says that a part of his soul escaped and tried to latch itself onto the only living thing nearby, which was Fawkes, who came to save him.

Now, you may be thinking that Ginny Weasley, who was also in the chamber, might be the being that Harry's soul attaches itself to, but hang fire. The curious red head was incapacitated after Tom Riddle had poisoned her mind, even saying that within a few minutes she'd be dead. This means that the theory suggests the piece of Harry's soul would seek the strongest life form, which would have been Fawkes, who'd just dropped off the sorting hat for Harry.

Credit: Lazy Ciaran

Now, if you've read this far, I presume you're a fan of wasting days watching the magical world unfold time and time again, so I will also presume that you're aware phoenixes can't die. They simply burst into flames, and are then reborn in the ashes.

This means that, essentially, all the elements of the horcrux will always be there, meaning that if a piece of Harry's soul is in Fawkes, it can't be destroyed, making him immortal.

This could also explain how he managed to come back from the killing curse once again when Voldermort murked him in the Dark Forest in the final book.

So, basically, Harry is immortal. That kind of sucks. Like, although he was the protagonist, and we all wanted him to win in the end, if you were at school with him it'd just be a case of, "piss off famous boy, why do you get all of the attention?".

Featured image credit: Warner Bros.

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Interesting Harry Potter Fan Theory About Fawkes Might Blow Your Mind

Interesting Harry Potter Fan Theory About Fawkes Might Blow Your Mind

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