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It Looks Like The Fourth Season Of 'Peaky Blinders' Could Be Here Very Soon

It Looks Like The Fourth Season Of 'Peaky Blinders' Could Be Here Very Soon

It seems like forever since we were left wondering about the fate of Tommy Shelby and his crew, but it looks like the wait might soon be over, according to Cillian Murphy, anyway.

Speaking to On Demand Entertainment, he said: "I think it will be the best. It's pretty powerful, we've got lots of surprises. It's soon, it's November I think."


That's next month, guys!

As well as that, the official Peaky Blinders Twitter account shared new photos yesterday, with the promise that season four is 'coming soon'.

It's been a guessing game to determine when the new season might begin, with previously rumoured dates ranging from May to September, as the BBC have still yet to officially reveal when it will be coming out.

What we do know is that the next season is set to take us back to where it all started, the streets of Birmingham, as Shelby and his gang return to the city six months after the last season ended.


Check out the latest trailer:

Credit: BBC/Peaky Blinders

Cillian told Today FM: "In the classic gangster arc, the last season was sort of all about the wealth, the house and all that material stuff. This season is sort of a return to the roots. That's about as much as I can reveal."

Oh come on, mate, really? We need more than that.

The coming season will feature Hollywood heavyweight Adrian Brody and Game of Thrones star Aidan Gillan, who are set to ruffle a few feathers.

Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, said: "Adrien plays the threat to the family and possibly the biggest they'll face.

"Aidan is a sort of, in the face of danger it's like pressing the nuclear button - you get him to help. Let me put it that way. We have been very fortunate to get two really legendary actors. We get a lot of actors who want to be part of Peaky Blinders which is great but we try not to make it a 'spot the star' sentiment, and just get actors who are really perfect for the role."

"Tommy's redemption might take a little bit longer. It's the family being forced back together," added Knight, cryptically.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Peaky Blinders

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