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It's Been 10 Years Since 'The Inbetweeners' First Aired

It's Been 10 Years Since 'The Inbetweeners' First Aired

It's been a decade since we first met Will, Jay, Neil and Simon, feel old yet?

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

It's been 10 years since we first heard the insult 'brief case wanker'. Yup, believe it or not, a decade has passed with Will, Simon, Neil and Jay first hit our screens and brought with them some of the best one-liners of our times.

What were we all calling our mate with glasses ten years ago before we had Will? How did we accurately describe a bullshitter without being able to say, 'he's like Jay off The Inbetweeners'?

The three series were so hugely popular that two films were made - and they too were massively successful. When it was released in 2011, The Inbetweeners Movie became the highest grossing British comedy movie of all time and even the second film - which let's be honest, wasn't a patch on the first - was still a box office hit.

Hopes of another series - or film - were dashed last year when Will, sorry, Simon Bird told the Guardian: "Yep, I can confirm The Inbetweeners is over.

"[The films were] a massive surprise. Then again, every step of the way with The Inbetweeners was a surprise.

I can't emphasis enough how small that show seemed. It was the first sitcom E4 ever made, with a shoestring budget, first-time writers and a first-time cast."

However, there have been whispers of a reboot, back in March last year, the Radio Times revealed production company Banijay UK 'wanted to bring the comedy to a new generation'.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Bird said that the idea of a reboot with a new cast was 'really weird'.

Adding: "More weird than the fact it will be with a new cast - which would just be necessary seeing as we're all about 54 years old - it's the fact that it'd be without the writers.

"In that case it's just not going to be The Inbetweeners. It'll just be a different show with the same title."

But who knows? Maybe a reboot could work, as long as it was British. I think that's one of the key elements of The Inbetweeners.

The show was so quintessentially British that attempts at a US version flopped. A 12-epsiode season, which aired on MTV, was dropped in 2012 - but not before it managed to piss off a lot of fans of the original series. One IMDB reviewer wrote: "As a huge fan of the original version I am very annoyed at this.


"When I first saw the trailer for this show I was thinking this has to be the biggest piece of crap of the year. I was wrong. It is the biggest piece of crap in at least five years." Ouch.

What do you guys reckon? Is it time for a reboot 10 years on or should we all just be content with the re-runs?

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/The Inbetweeners

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