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​James Buckley Says He’d Be Up For Third Inbetweeners Film

​James Buckley Says He’d Be Up For Third Inbetweeners Film

While regarded as one of the funniest coming-of-age comedies the UK has ever seen, there's no denying that The Inbetweeners was taken from us too soon after just three short series.


Sure, we got two films after that, but the second movie hit cinemas FOUR YEARS AGO, which means we've been left high and dry ever since.

Well, it turns out there could be a glimmer of hope yet, as James Buckley - who starred as lewd and crude Jay - has said he'd be up for a third flick.

Speaking on tonight's Inbetweeners two-hour reunion special, which marked the tenth anniversary of the show and all of the comedy gold it brought, host Jimmy Carr asked Buckley if he'd do film three - and Buckley gave us the answer we were all hoping for. YES.

Naturally, within minutes of those fateful words, Twitter went into overdrive with excitement.


One person tweeted: "Loved the #FwendsReunited @Channel4 when @James_Buckley said he'd do inbetweeners3#inbetweeners#BringItBack."

Another wrote: "Absolutely legendary. Brilliant. Here's to TheInbetweeners Movie 3."

A fourth added: "@James_Buckley everyone would love an Inbetweeners3 please."

Many started speculating about what a potential third movie would entail - with the general consensus being that it would have to be a stag do.

Someone suggested: "@James_Buckley pretty much confirmed what we all want - An Inbetweeners3! Would be great to see. Stag do storyline for one of the 4 getting married with something similar to the hangover!"

Another added: "Here's an idea for an Inbetweeners 3 movie. One of the lads is due to get married, and they decide to have a stag do in Benidorm. It'd be one last chance for them to relive their youth, and Jay of course would still be single!"

Yup, I'd watch that.

Others put the idea forward of a glimpse into married life, with one Twitter user saying: "Inbetweeners film 3 please. They are married and all take their families on holiday together."

Yep, reckon I'd watch that too. C'mon LADs. Give the people what they want.

The reunion special also brought back other familiar faces including Will's mum, Gilbert and even Patrice, the alluring French exchange student who wound Will up the wrong way.

If you fancy a bit of nostalgia, catch it on All 4 - hopefully it'll tide you over until we hear more on that third film...

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