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Jason Bateman 'Will Not Work In Georgia' If Abortion Bill Is Passed

Jason Bateman 'Will Not Work In Georgia' If Abortion Bill Is Passed

The new bills have caused worldwide controversy

Georgia is the next in a line of US states that has considered introducing new abortion restrictions - and actor Jason Bateman has said that he won't work there if the proposals are passed.

He is currently filming the Netflix show Ozark and HBO's The Outsider in the state, and is not happy about the potential of it becoming a law.

Bateman plays Martin 'Marty' Byrde in Ozark.

Speaking to the The Hollywood Reporter, he said: "If the 'heartbeat bill' makes it through the court system, I will not work in Georgia, or any other state, that is so disgracefully at odds with women's rights."

In the event of other actors following in Bateman's footsteps by protesting the ban, it could have a serious affect on Georgia's economy. The state has a famously generous 30 percent tax credit system, meaning it's used by a lot of major TV and movie companies for production and filming.

Thanks to the 'heartbeat bill', draconian laws could be brought in to ban women from having terminations after six weeks, even in cases of rape and incest.

This would effectively ban abortions, seeing as most most pregnancies aren't discovered until around that time. The only exception to the draconian new rules would be if a woman's life was in danger.

If a doctor defies the rules and performs the procedure, they can face a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

So far, Bateman is the only celebrity to currently speak out about boycotting the state after the ban - although it's likely that others will join him.

Many other famous names have openly opposed the bans, taking to social media to protest against it to their huge followings.

So far, Kylie Jenner, Pink, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon and Alexa Chung are among the celebrities to have spoken out, meaning it's most likely a matter of time before more actors decide to voice their opinion and decide not to work in states who support the legislation.

Emily Ratajkowski is another who used her huge social media following to post a passionate protest against the abortion ban in Alabama.

Em Rata has posted this powerful protest on Instagram.

The model and actor posted an almost naked image of herself, which many have said is a powerful statement against 'old white men' telling women what they can and can't do with their own bodies - with a caption stating that she believes the law is a 'class and race issue'.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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