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Jeff Goldblum Is Returning To Jurassic Park Franchise

Jeff Goldblum Is Returning To Jurassic Park Franchise

'Life finds a way.'

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Now, you won't catch me saying a bad word about Jurassic World - I absolutely loved it.

However, having said that, I did feel as though the film was missing something. Chris Pratt was ace, don't get me wrong and the CGI was pretty spot on, too.

And yet, still something missing...

Credit: Jurassic Park/Universal Pictures

Ah yeah, that's it. It had a severe lack of Jeff Goldblum.

If, like me, you think it's not really Jurassic Park without Goldblum, then I have some amazing news for you.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Goldblum will star alongside Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the new film, which is due to be released next year. Woohoo.

He appeared in the original Jurassic Park movie as Dr Ian Malcolm and reprised the role in the 1997 sequel The Lost World: Jurassic Park he swerved Jurassic Park III (smart move) and Jurassic World - speaking about the 2015 film, Goldblum said he was never offered a part. Fucking outrageous.

Dr Ian was the know-it-all mathematician and 'chaotician', which he called himself because of his way of applying Chaos Theory to real life. And it obviously works for him, because he would somehow survive two films and a shit load of dinosaurs.

He was reported as saying: "If I never did any more, I'd be entirely nourished and happy and fulfilled from having done these.

"They're doing spectacularly well without me."

Naturally, the news went down well on Twitter:

The new film, which doesn't have a name yet, is expected to be released in June 2018. The original Jurassic Park director, Steven Spielberg, is on-board, too, as an executive producer.

Jurassic World was a massive success, raking in $1.67bn (£1.3bn) at the box office, making it the fourth highest grossing film ever.

And with Goldblum on-board in the sequel, I can only assume it's going to be even bigger.

Featured Image Credit: Jurassic Park/Universal Pictures

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