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Jimmy Carr Ignores Bro Code When Burning Guy On 'Your Face Or Mine'

Jimmy Carr Ignores Bro Code When Burning Guy On 'Your Face Or Mine'

He criticises the guy's manhood.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

It's a pretty fair assumption that if you go on a TV show where you're faced with Jimmy Carr, you're going to get the piss taken out of you.

Especially if the show involves you and your partner rating each other on how you look. Yep, the people who appear on Your Face Or Mine?, which can be viewed on Comedy Central UK on Wednesdays at 8pm, are really asking for trouble.

Ben and his other half, Stephanie, decided to risk their relationship and a savaging from Jimmy for the chance to win some money.

The face he pulls right before he takes the piss. Credit: Comedy Central/Your Face Or Mine?

It started off alright. Host Katherine Ryan asked the couple how they met and Ben shared quite a nice story about faking an injury in order to talk to her. Kind of sweet, maybe a bit creepy. I don't know, I can't tell anymore.

Anyway, it worked! So good for them.

Jimmy then asked the couple if they had any hidden talents, before putting up a photo of Stephanie doing something called 'pole fitness', which is pole dancing to get fit, apparently.

This was followed by a photo of Ben and his pals - who sort of look like different versions of him - in tiny underpants. I'm not sure why such a photo exists, but you better believe Jimmy wasn't letting it go without passing comment.

Credit: Comedy Central/Your Face Or Mine?

Good-sport Ben has a laugh as the image flashes up on the screen, only for Jimmy to quickly point out: "All the other guys seem to have filled their shorts."


Feeling a bit sorry for himself, poor Ben then says: "I'm in the worst shape out of my friends."

Ben took it pretty well. Credit: Comedy Central/Your Face Or Mine?

As if that isn't bad enough, Jimmy doesn't stop. Sharing the story of being surprised when she saw Ben without a beard for the first time, Stephanie said: "I almost cried, because I'd never seen that part of his face."

"And you were really upset?" Jimmy asked. Ouch.

Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central/Your Face Or Mine

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