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Jon And Daenerys' 'Connection' On GoT May Be Grosser Than We Thought

Jon And Daenerys' 'Connection' On GoT May Be Grosser Than We Thought


Katey Roberts

Katey Roberts

George R R Martin has promised all of us Game of Thrones fans a bittersweet ending, and with the television series surpassing the books we are all left in the dark as to how it's all going to finish.


Are the White Walkers going to annihilate every character we love? Probably. Is Jon/Aegon going to be p*ssed when he finds out he did the nasty with his aunty? More than likely, tbf. There's just so much we have to look forward too.

One thing that we do have, however, is a network of online users who spend their days scouring the books and shows for clues about what's to come.

I personally find online forums fascinating, and as an avid GoT fan I always look for the newest theories, so when I began reading the first book again I noticed there was something that I didn't pick up on last time that seems a tad bit dodgy now, and it turns out so did my ASOIAF pals.


In the first book, Dany mentions she wishes she could return to a simpler time and not get married to Khal Drogo. Discussing more about her past before she ended up in Pentos ready to be sold to the Dothraki war lord, the book reads: "She did not remember Dragonstone either. They had run again, just before the Usurper's brother set sail with his new-built fleet. By then only Dragonstone itself, the ancient seat of their house, had remained of the Seven Kingdoms that had once been theirs. It would not remain for long. The garrison had been prepared to sell them to the Upsurper, but one night Ser Willem Dary and his four loyal men had broken into the nursery and stolen them both, along with her wet nurse, and set sail under cover of darkness for the safety of the Braavosian coast'

"She remembered Ser Willem dimly, a great grey bear of a man, half-blind, roaring and bellowing orders from his sickbed. The servants lived in terror of him, but he had always been kind to Dany. He called her "Little Princess" and sometimes "My Lady" and his hands were as soft as old leather. He never left his bed, though, and the smell of sickness clung to him day and night, a hot, moist, sick sweetly odor. That was when they lived in Braavos, in the big house with the red door. Dany had her own room there, with a lemon tree outside her window."


One clever reader (who seems to be even more obsessed with GoT than I am) noted that her memory must be incorrect, as it is physically impossible for lemons to grow in Braavos. Here is the full conclusion, as it's a bit too long, but the points they made specifically are:

"Basically I think Dany is remembering a lemon tree at the house with the red door, but it's not Braavos she's remembering. Its the Tower of Joy in Dorne that she remembers from when she lived as Rheagar. (Yes I'm suggesting reincarnation. *ducking to avoid cracked pots being thrown my way*) Here's how I broke it down to this conclusion:

  • The house with the red door had a lemon tree outside of the window of her room.
  • There are hardly any trees, the rich may have trees in their courtyards because they can afford it so a princess might have had one but...
  • Braavos is described as having only three types of weather: foggy, rainy, and freezing rain according to Cat of the Canals chapter. Sunny days are few.
  • Lemon trees need full sun, and heat above 30 degrees. Frost is killer.
  • They take a few years before they can flourish, so its not likely one could ever grow in Braavos.'

Which brings me on to my final conclusion. Before Rheagar was killed by Robert Baratheon, skeptics believe Daenerys could have been lied to about her upbringing because she's the secret daughter of Rhaegar Targaryen and not Aerys II. If it truly was Dorne where she was born, then it is also where Rhaegar and Lyanna were married, and we all know that Jon Snow *Aegon Targeryen* was actually born in The Tower of Joy because we saw Ned making the promise to his sister before she died.


Which means... Jon and Daenerys could 100% be brother and sister.

Gross, I know, but if it turns out to be true then at least she has something in common with Cersei now, which may make them less frosty towards one another.

Doesn't help the fact that Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy, also let it slip in an interview the other day that the show has a bit of a 'Luke Skywalker' situation going on, and we all know what that reference means. Until we find out though, someone made their own 'modern-day' version of GoT, and I actually wouldn't mind binge-watching this until the final series comes out...

Credit: Youtube/Westeros The Series

What do you think? Is Jamie Lannister currently on his way to bond over his 'love' for his family with the King in the North?

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