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Josh Brolin Waited Over A Year To Share Clip Of Avengers' Cast

Josh Brolin Waited Over A Year To Share Clip Of Avengers' Cast

This is a man who is dedicated to not spoiling films

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Josh Brolin has presented a clip to the world that he's been waiting more than a year to share - thanks to the strict rules around Avengers: Endgame.

Naturally, with the film being one of the most highly-anticipated of the year, plus the massive #DontSpoilTheEndgame social media campaign, there have been strict rules around what the cast and crew can share.

Now though, Brolin, who played Thanos in the movie, has posted a rather lovely little clip of the Marvel gang singing Happy Birthday to him as he turned the big 5-0 last year, all while in full costume and standing in what appears to be a green-screen pit.

He captioned the video: "Was never able to post this before, for obvious reasons. But behind all the hate, all the misunderstandings, all the bruises, bumps, and ashes, there was this on my 50th birthday.

"So deep, deep down, even from these guys and gals, everyone has a little purple love in them."

In the clip stars including Robert Downey Jr, Chris Pratt, Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly and Chris Hemsworth all join in to sing to Brolin. Meanwhile, Anthony Mackie tells Brolin to 'enjoy the Viagra' - I'm sure he will.

As Brolin turned 50 on 12 February last year, the actor has waiting more than 14 months to finally share the clip.

Meanwhile, fellow Avengers: Endgame actor Pratt had already cracked and shared a behind-the-scenes clip that he probably shouldn't have.

Posting the 'really illegal' clip, which contained its own spoilers, a seemingly emotional Pratt wrote: "I remember being blown away in this moment on the @avengers set. Nobody was allowed to film anything on their phones.

"I said screw it. No rule was going to stop me from seizing this once in a lifetime opportunity to capture this collection of stars, a group that likely will never be in the same room again.

"We are so blessed."

And he's not lying about the collection of stars, with Rudd, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen all involved, to name but a few.

As he pans the camera across the scene, Sean Gunn can be heard saying: "I'm pretty sure I'm the most famous person here."

To which Pratt adds: "This is a really illegal video."

Well, illegal or not, it was a big hit with fans, picking up thousands of likes and comments online.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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