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Killing Eve Season Two Has Been Given A UK Release Date

Killing Eve Season Two Has Been Given A UK Release Date

Not long now until we get to pick up where season one left off

Jake Massey

Jake Massey


Fans of Killing Eve in the UK have known for a couple of weeks now that the second season will be released in June. But now, at long last, we know exactly which evening we need to cancel our other plans.

The BBC has announced that the first episode will air on Saturday 8 June on BBC One at 9.15pm. However, if you don't reckon you can quite wait that long, or you don't want to cancel your evening plans, then you will be able to watch it earlier on iPlayer.

In fact, the whole second season will be made available on iPlayer on 8 June, so if you fancy, you can just plough right through the whole thing in one big go. Season one is also on there too if you need a little refresher beforehand, or if you just fancy a Killing Eve mega marathon.

The second season will pick up exactly 36 seconds on from the dramatic closing scene of season one, in which Eve stabbed Villanelle - who then miraculously disappeared in typical Villanelle style.

It was a dramatic ending to the season, which some people felt was a bit of a slow burner, but which ultimately won over pretty much everyone who watched it.

The brilliance of the show was recognised at the TV BAFTA awards where it won Best TV show, while Fiona Shaw won best supporting actress for her portrayal of Carolyn Martens and Jodie Comer won best leading actress for her portrayal of assassin Villanelle.

Indeed, Comer's performance is undoubtedly one of the key reasons the show has been so popular, as it is hard to take your eyes off the complex and intriguing character she has managed to paint.

Looking ahead to season two, the 26-year-old said a 'huge conflict' arises for her character.

Killing Eve season two will be released in the UK on 8 June.

According to The Metro, she said: "The most interesting part about coming back to play Villanelle is the exploration of her emotions and feelings, or lack of them.

"A huge conflict arises in her head from how she thinks she feels about Eve and the other relationships in her life.

"I think that's another reason why the audience took to her. There's a flicker of humanity about her and just when we think we've found it, we lose it again."

Further good news is that, if you do binge through the whole season on 8 June, you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that season three will also be aired on BBC.

So it will be a seeya later not a goodbye to Eve and Villanelle... if they both survive season two.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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