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​Looks Like ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ Is Leaving Netflix After Christmas

​Looks Like ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ Is Leaving Netflix After Christmas

I mean, if you don’t know all the words to the theme tune, are you even a 90s kid?

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

It may have first hit screens back in 1990, but The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air still remains one of the world's most beloved sitcoms. I mean, if you don't know all the words to the theme tune, are you even a 90s kid?

While it was responsible for Carlton's inimitably hilarious dance moves - which often crop up on drunken nights out across the world - the show was also able to keep it real from time-to-time, tackling everything from absent fathers and drink driving through to gun violence and the politics of black identity.

It's given us more life lessons that we probably realised when watching it in our youth, meaning it's one of the classics worth revisiting on your next Netflix binge.

Only thing is, you're going to have to lap up all that real talk pretty quickly, as it looks like The Fresh Prince is going to be removed from the streaming service at the end of this year. Which, if you hadn't noticed, is fairly soon.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air will be leaving Netflix after Christmas.

Maybe this can be our cue to reignite the plea to bring the show back with a reboot - something that the Fresh Prince's pal, Jazzy Jeff (real name Jeffrey Allen Townes), said could happen.

Speaking to the Sun, he said: "There have been talks with people about doing something. I think it would be cool if they did it and go down memory lane again.

"It's a blessing to be part of something that people still hold in high regard. You can't beat that.

"It's hard for people to keep their attention span normally, but to be able to keep it for all these years and transcend generations, put their kids onto it, this is deep."

Mind you, in another interview with Graham Norton, Will Smith pointed out that that things might have to change a bit.

When questioned about the rumoured Fresh Prince reboot, the star said: "Man, I'd have to be Uncle Phil in that one now I'm nearly 50!"


That's a fair point, to be honest... but it's okay, we're totally up for it - especially as the perfect tribute to the late James Avery, who played Uncle Phil in the show.

Smith also went on to discuss the iconic role as the Fresh Prince - a fictionalised version of himself - which propelled him to stardom.

"It was my very first role and I was very, very focused on being successful so I learnt the whole script and everyone else's lines," he said.

"If you watch the first four or five episodes you can see I'm mouthing other people's lines. It's terrible and I can't bear to watch it."

Okay, so that means he's already probably got Uncle Phil's lines down, right? Just sayin'.

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