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M Night Shyamalan Has Announced That 'Glass' Will Show At Comic-Con

M Night Shyamalan Has Announced That 'Glass' Will Show At Comic-Con

M Night Shyamalan's films might split opinion, but for him, the most important thing is that almost all film fans will have one about him.

For every successful film - and through the likes of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs there are certainly some classics there - there are some absolute stinkers, with The Last Airbender, The Village and Lady in the Water being the first few clangers that spring to mind.


He's never been a director to let critical opinion dictate his next move, but there are plenty of film insiders getting excited about his next effort: a sequel to Unbreakable and Split, two of his most successful movies to date.

Shyamalan, never one to eschew a twist, has sprung a surprise on fans again with the announcement that Glass will be showing at Comic Con in San Diego, California, in a few weeks.

"I'm so excited to tell you that @GlassMovie will be at #ComicCon," Shyamalan said on Twitter earlier today "I will be in Hall H on July 20th with the cast! You can expect a surprise as well..."

Fans had been expected a release date of sometime in early 2019, so this is a major advancement. A new teaser poster was released as well, with Shyamalan tweeting it out.

To refresh your memory: Unbreakable was the story of David Dunn: not the former Blackburn Rovers and Birmingham City midfielder, the one played by Bruce Willis who survived a train crash without so much as a scratch on him.


The supernatural powers that allowed to emerge unharmed - and how David learns to deal with them - were the theme of the first movie and were loosely expanded on in the sequel, Split, which was released a full 16 years after the original in 2016.

Split was not actually marketed as a sequel to Unbreakable - though thematically they are similar - but Glass is certainly to be seen as a third part to the series, with Willis and Split lead James McAvoy both returning for the final instalment.

"Eighteen years ago, I based a movie around a crazy idea: what if comic books were based on reality?" said Shyamalan back in April.

"And in Unbreakable, I tried to tell the origin story of a superhero that lives in the real world, David Dunn, played by Bruce Willis."

Split was described by Shyamalan as 'the origin story for an anarchist that could be good or could be bad'.

Sarah Paulson, who will act in the new movie, added that Glass would address the question of: "What if these real-life supervillains and superheroes are somehow locked up together? I mean, what could go wrong?"

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