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Magician Claims BGT Bosses Gave His Act Away To Issy Simpson

Magician Claims BGT Bosses Gave His Act Away To Issy Simpson

A magician is claiming that his act was 'given away' to eight-year-old BGT star, Issy Simpson.

Carl Leek says that the 'Simon Cowell t-shirt trick' that wowed judges on last Saturday's show was, in fact, a trick he performed at an earlier audition.

As you can see, the trick centres around Simon Cowell picking a card at random.


She then gets up on stage and unzips her hoodie to reveal a picture of Simon holding the card that he picked - the four of diamonds, in case you were wondering. It's very bloody impressive, especially for an eight-year-old.

Carl told the Sun: "It's ludicrous. The routine is literally a carbon copy.

"My act was built around the T-shirt and I have emails from the producers sending me images of Simon I could legally use as my first printed T-shirt was refused.

"It was like looking in the mirror. I felt sick."


He added that his audition, which included the same trick, was held before Issy's.

"I worked with a producer on a daily basis up until the audition, basically forwarding routines and getting them approved as they didn't want anything that had been done similar in past shows," he explained.

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"My first proposal with a book was rejected as Richard Jones had done a similar trick on the show last year. During my audition I received four yeses, got a standing ovation from the audience.

"I just don't understand how this has happened. My audition was in Birmingham a week before the Manchester auditions, so how can the judges be surprised by this trick?"


He was keen to emphasise that he didn't blame Issy as he thinks the BGT bosses are at fault.

"I assumed I would at least get shown on the pre-recordings as I got four yeses but when I asked if I was being shown again I received a blunt email saying no," he explained. "The little girl will be innocent in all this - it is Simon and the show's platform I am upset with and the constant ripping off of the nation and viewers."

A BGT spokeswoman told the paper: "Issy Simpson came to Britain's Got Talent with her own routine and magic performance prepared, which she then duly performed at her audition.


"Any suggestion otherwise would be completely false."

Carl is now pursuing legal action.

You can catch Britain's Got Talent on ITV this Saturday.

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