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Maisie Williams Just Got A Very Cool Game Of Thrones Tattoo

Maisie Williams Just Got A Very Cool Game Of Thrones Tattoo

Maisie Williams celebrated the end of her time in Game of Thrones by getting a tattoo dedicated to her character, Arya Stark.

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

Game of Thrones is all but done now, and as every day of production comes to a close, so does the time of another actor in Westeros.

The show has been very good to its stars, turning the majority of them from unknowns or domestic level British talents into globally-known celebrities, and it is only right that some of the faces of the show are displaying their gratitude to Game of Thrones.

Maisie Williams/Instagram

Maisie Williams owes almost everything in her career to GoT: before being cast as Arya Stark in 2011, she had never appeared on television and had never even had a paid acting gig - although she was only 14 at the time, so it's hardly a slight on her abilities.

Since shooting to fame via Game of Thrones, she has blossomed as an actress and, as her time on the show comes to an end, she has decided to permanently imprint her tribute to GoT onto her body with a tattoo.

Maisie Williams/Instagram

She posted a compilation of photos to her Instagram - 7.8 million followers, since you're asking - that showed her in a tattoo studio, followed by a run through of the ink that she had done.

On the back of her neck, she now sports the words "No One" in typewriter font - a reference to her character Arya Stark's storyline in recent seasons of the show.

On her arm is a daisy, which is thought to be a reference to her new app Daisie - a social media platform for budding artists.

The third tattoo is more cryptic: in the same typewriter font, it reads "little rascal". Your guess is as good as mine.

Maisie Williams/Instagram

She's far from the first Game of Thrones star to have a reference from the show inked on their bodies.

Her co-star and on screen sister Sophie Turner has "the pack survives" and the image of a dire wolf imprinted on her - a move that later proved controversial.

She got the tattoo before Season 8 has aired but after she finished filming, so plenty of fans thought that it was a spoiler that revealed the fate of the Stark family in the final series.

That's right, Game of Thrones fans are so spoiler triggered that they hound the stars of the show for giving away the plot via their own bodies.

Of course, it isn't a spoiler, but Turner still had to speak out on the issue and admit that it perhaps wasn't her finest move.

Game of Thrones is all about theories. So the more we can conjure up, the better it is. The more exciting it makes it, the more unpredictable it makes it," Turner told Digital Spy a few weeks ago.

"But yeah, definitely that tattoo was probably not a good idea, because everyone thought that I'd given away the end. But I haven't. It's a quote from last season."

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