​Man Mutters 'Oh S***' When He First Sees His Bride On 'Married At First Sight'

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​Man Mutters 'Oh S***' When He First Sees His Bride On 'Married At First Sight'

A man has been caught on camera saying 'oh shit' despairingly as the stranger that is to become his wife walks down the aisle.


Painful to watch, isn't it?

Pub manager Sean D was getting married to 39-year-old mum of two Jo, as part of the Australian version of reality series Married At First Sight, where couples are paired together by experts and are wed on their very first meeting.


Gushing to the camera after the nuptials, thrilled Jo said: "He seems genuine. I fancy him. This could work. My expectations have been met and then some. To infinity and beyond... Sean D and Jo sitting in a tree."

But on closer inspection of the footage, it seems Sean wasn't quite so chuffed - clocking her before swinging back around, taking a deep breath and muttering 'oh shit' as she walked towards him.

Credit: Married At First Sight/Nine
Credit: Married At First Sight/Nine

He could have easily got away with pretending it was 'oh shit' as in: 'Oh shit, I'm marrying a complete stranger as part of a pretty bizarre TV show, this all a bit much isn't it?'


But no. The 38-year-old from Adelaide admitted to his disappointed reaction, blaming a bad breakup from his past - leaving viewers absolutely cringing from the 'car crash TV'.


He told The Fix that a former lover left him so cut up two years ago that it affected his behaviour on the show.

"It was difficult breaking up. It wasn't like either of us did anything wrong - there was no cheating or anything like that," he said.

"She became a fitness freak but was just crazy. We slowly drifted apart and that was it, we were done."


He also explained that the breakup was particularly difficult, as he was left with much more than just a broken heart.

"We had a five-acre property together," he explained, "and she ran out of time for me and the animals. It was really hard because I had to take responsibility of the farm. I got all the animals. When we broke up, we had nine dogs, two alpacas, and two horses."

Speaking privately with a producer, Sean struggled to find the words to describe how he was feeling, mumbling: "Uh, I don't think there was, like, you know, a massive spark straight away."

Sean, mate, you could have at least put on a cheery face for the free holiday, surely?

Featured Image Credit: Married At First Sight/Nine

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