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Man's Flirty Tinder Messages To Twins Revealed In Front Of Girlfriend

Man's Flirty Tinder Messages To Twins Revealed In Front Of Girlfriend

So awkward.

It's fair to say we're not always our best selves on dating apps. Some people are little more full-on than they'd be in real life, some people are on there lying like there's no tomorrow, others can't spell. It's a tough old game.

One thing most of us can console ourselves with is the fact that the exchanges we have on dating apps are kept pretty low-key, between you and whoever you're chatting to. Definitely not shown on telly or to your new partner.

Unless you decided to go on Your Face or Mine?, obviously, because you better believe Jimmy Carr will be dragging those messages up quicker than you can say, 'this was a terrible idea'.

Lewis and his partner Harriett went on the show this week. Here they are:


Now, if you're unfamiliar with the show it involves couples rating each other against a variety of people - their exes, parents, siblings - while hosts Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan take the piss. Nice and awkward.

Lewis was brought face-to-face with his past when twins Paige and Chealsey were brought on.

They - as in the twins, Lewis and his mate - all 'met' on Tinder last year, like a sort of weird double date/group chat.

Credit: Comedy Central UK/Your Face or Mine?

After Jimmy asks the questions he everyone is dying to know ("Ever double teamed a guy?" They haven't), the embarrassment begins for Lewis when they show the message he shared with the twins.

After asking how the two women are - albeit using the rocket emoji - Lewis decides it's a good idea to send a photo of his crotch to the group chat. It's clothed, don't worry. But why?

Katherine tries to help him out by saying that perhaps he was trying to show off his shoes to the two women (and his friend, who is also in the chat, remember) but his other half looks less than impressed, and that's putting it mildly.

Ever heard the phrase 'if looks could kill?' Here's the physical embodiment of that:

Credit: Comedy Central UK/Your Face or Mine?

Bad luck, Lewis.

Your Face Or Mine, Wednesdays at 8pm from 17 May, on Comedy Central UK.

Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central UK/Your Face or Mine?

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