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'Black Panther' Is Now Available To Stream On Netflix

'Black Panther' Is Now Available To Stream On Netflix

The Marvel hit may well be one of the last movies of its kind to appear on Netflix, which has a deal with Disney expiring next year

Nathan Standley

Nathan Standley

Batten down the hatches and lock the doors - Black Panther is officially streaming on Netflix.

It was released on the streaming site on 4 September after becoming one of Marvel Studios' biggest blockbusters when it was released earlier this year.

In fact, it's sure to be a hugely popular hit on Netflix given the fact that it became the ninth highest grossing film of all time when it came out in cinemas in February, topping out at $1.347bn (£1.04bn).

The movie featured epic performances from the likes of Chadwick Boseman, who played the titular character, and Michael B. Jordan, who played Killmonger.

It was not only a hugely successful blockbuster, it also became a cultural phenomenon with its portrayal of the dominantly advanced country of Wakanda.

Black Panther and Wakanda also featured heavily on the even higher grossing film, Avengers: Infinity War, later on in the year.


On the commentary track to the latest Avengers movie, writer Stephen McFeely discussed the point in the movie where Captain America and co set foot on Wakanda.

He said: "Listen, a year ahead of time, we had no idea 'Wakanda Forever' was going to be amazing. We tested this movie a few times, and when we got to this scene, most of the audiences, say in January and early February, went, 'Oh this is an interesting place, I've never been here before'.

"After mid-February, once Black Panther had come out, this scene gets a huge cheer. It just rewards you investing in these characters. I shouldn't have been surprised, but boy, I was really pleased."

Movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) often wind up on Netflix because of a deal between Disney and the streaming site.

But that is all set to change in 2019 and Black Panther is likely to be one of the last Marvel movies that gets a run out on the popular platform.

Black Panther
Black Panther

The deal between Disney and Netflix runs out next year, and it has been widely reported that Disney has plans to create their own streaming service with new and original titles.

A Disney spokesperson recently said there were 'no current plans' to move Marvel-themed television shows off Netflix, but the future of Marvel movies is more uncertain.

Unfortunately, there are as yet very few details of how the new streaming service will work, what it will cost and how it will operate outside the US.

So, basically, enjoy it while it lasts.

Black Panther is also available on DVD and Blu-ray and as a digital download.Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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