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Mike Myers Publicly Floats Idea of Austin Powers 4 - Because His Son Wants Him To Do It

Mike Myers Publicly Floats Idea of Austin Powers 4 - Because His Son Wants Him To Do It

Mike Myers has admitted that there might be a fourth Austin Powers film in the works - because his son wants him to make another one

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

Mike Myers has publically floated the idea of another Austin Powers movie, over 15 years since the last film was made.

Myers, speaking to People magazine in the US, said that his kids have been calling on him to make a fourth instalment of the hit franchise, which starred the Canadian actor as the suave British spy, his bald nemesis Dr Evil and a whole host of other characters.

Mike Myers
Mike Myers

According to Myers, his son, Spike, "keeps asking me, 'Where's the fourth Austin Powers?' which is the weirdest thing. I'm like, 'Get off my back. I'm doing my best.'"

Spike asked him about the films when he was tucking him in at night. "And I said, 'I'd like to. I don't know,'" explained Myers. "Then he said, 'What's Dr Evil's lair?' And I said, 'An oil rig', and he said, 'What's an oil rig?' I said, 'It's where you drill oil at sea'. He goes, 'It should be a sewer,' and fell asleep."

Mike has brought some of the big hitters back in recent months, with Dr Evil making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel live in a skit in which the evil genius claimed to have been fired from US President Donald Trump's cabinet.

"I was on Saturday Night Live recently and then I was on Jimmy and I did Dr. Evil and I just did Trump's doctor on Kimmel," said Myers. "I'm having a blast. I love it. It's like being shot out of a cannon without a net. It's so much fun."

Myers made his name in the early '90s, first as a cast member on Saturday Night Live - when he introduced the character of Wayne Campbell with Dana Carvey as Garth Algar - before the pair hit the big screen with Wayne's World.

The sequel to that movie, as well as the first two Austin Powers movies, cemented Myers as one of the most marketable stars in Hollywood in the late 90s, before his starring role as Shrek in four movies brought him to an ever wider audience.

The third Austin Powers movie, Goldmember, was less successful critically than the first two, though it still made huge numbers at the box office.

Myers is currently starring alongside Australian actress Margot Robbie in Terminal, his first film in almost five years.

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