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Mindhunter Easter Egg Hints At Huge Season 3 Serial Killer

Mindhunter Easter Egg Hints At Huge Season 3 Serial Killer

Things could get very dark indeed

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

If you've got Mindhunter on your mind, having rattled through the first two seasons on Netflix, then let this little Easter egg whet your appetite for season three.

Was there a big old Easter egg in season two of Mindhunter?

The crime thriller has not yet been renewed for another go, though the creators have made no bones about the fact they would like the show to run for five seasons. Given its popularity, there seems no reason why this wouldn't happen.

Assuming we do get to feast our eyes on another series, then it seems a big name serial killer, so to speak, could be set to play a role in the show.

*** SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on if you don't want to know who this is... which you obviously do if you opened this article. ***

Right, now cast your minds back to the first episode of season two. You might recall the scene where Dr Wendy Carr is talking the FBI's behavioural Science Unit through people they should interview in the near future.

While briefing Tench and Ford on William Henry Hance, behind her on a board covered in the mugshots of dodgy characters sits the potential Easter egg - none other than John Wayne Gacy.

Could Gacy be set to make an appearance in the third season?

If a mere mugshot ain't convincing you, the theory is given more credence when you consider that John Douglas - upon whom the show is based on - spent time interviewing the notorious serial killer.

If you aren't au fait with John Wayne Gacy, he was convicted of raping, torturing and murdering at least 33 teenage boys between 1972 and 1978 in Illinois. He became known as the 'Killer Clown', as he often attended charity functions dressed as clown characters he had created - which has served as inspiration for numerous serial killer films and TV shows since.

Holt McCallany - who plays Agent Bill Tench - has also previously indicated that he would like to see the likes of Gacy making an appearance in the show.

Damon Herriman stars as Charles Manson in the latest season of Mindhunter.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: "My hope going forward is that we'll just continue to meet some of these really well-known criminals, where you start to talk about the John Wayne Gacys, the Ted Bundys, the Jeffrey Dahmers.

"I'm not certain what David [Fincher, executive producer] has in mind, but the heart and soul of the show seems to be these two guys going to prisons and conducting these interviews together and trying to understand, why the hell would a person do this."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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