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'Mr Sperminator' Defends Having 29 Kids With 24 Women To A Stunned Piers Morgan

'Mr Sperminator' Defends Having 29 Kids With 24 Women To A Stunned Piers Morgan

Sperm donation sounds like one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. You get paid to enjoy yourself with a plastic cup, and couples get the child they've wanted. It's a win-win. This morning, on Good Morning Britain, people met a man who has made a side-career of it.

Forty-two-year-old American Ari Nagel stunned GMB presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid as he spoke on the show about how he donates his seed for free to women in need, allowing them to save money on visiting a sperm bank.

The college professor has so far fathered 29 children by 24 women and is inundated with requests from all over the world, leading him to be dubbed 'The Sperminator'.



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"We never have a romantic relationship afterwards but we become family in many ways," explained Ari to a stunned Piers and Susanna.

"Sometimes I'm there for the delivery and sometimes on the birth certificate. It's up to the mum."


Ari revealed that he even uses a spreadsheet to keep track of all his children's names, birthdays and even how they were conceived - whether that was by cup, clinic, or the more, er, traditional way.

Piers was unimpressed by this, telling Ari: "I can't decide, having read your story, whether you are a force for good or whether you're the world's biggest creep."

"A cynic would say you're just a very clever professor who enjoys threesomes with lesbians," that old grouch Piers added.

However, Ari stunned Piers by replying: "It's certainly one of the perks, but the majority of the time it's in a cup or in a clinic." Seems a bit of a seedy discussion for daytime TV, this.

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So far, five of the women have sued Ari for child support but he doesn't mind, saying that the 'vast majority of the women are honest' and the benefits are worth it.

Aside from the obvious perk - and it's a pretty big one - Ari said he also enjoys how much his sperm-donation allows him to travel.

GMB viewers were divided between delight and horrror at the Sperminator, sharing their opinions on Twitter:



Ari told viewers that he is looking to donate to a woman in the UK, so he can probably expect some more requests soon.

I'm sure whoever contacts him will be a lucky woman.

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