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Judi Dench's Wikipedia Page Was Updated After Rapping With Lethal Bizzle And She Was Listed As A Grime Artist

Judi Dench's Wikipedia Page Was Updated After Rapping With Lethal Bizzle And She Was Listed As A Grime Artist

"Dame Judith Olivia 'Judi' Dench is an English actress, author, and UK grime artist."

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan


If you hadn't noticed, LADbible was lucky enough to have a front row seat for Dame Judi Dench rapping with Lethal Bizzle earlier this week.

Yes, that's - POW - Dame Judi Dench - POW - who is the best M in James Bond history among other amazing acting roles, rapping with Lethal Bizzle.

Bizzle is the grime artist who turned the word 'dench' into an adjective to mean extremely impressive, POW, attractive, POW, or fashionable, POW.

Bizzle quickly transformed Dench from a legendary star of stage and screen into an exceptional rapper.

It was certainly a big moment for Dame Judi, whose Wikipedia page was briefly edited to list her as a UK grime artist. People also said on the page that she was set to take down king of the castle Stormzy. The page has since been edited to remove the references.

Judi Dench wiki page
Judi Dench wiki page

Wearing a Stay Dench hat, 82-year-old Judi simply couldn't wait to start spitting bars under the guidance of Bizzle.

She struggles a bit at first when he asks her to say, 'anywhere I go gang rolling'. JD asks Bizzle what it means, and he explains: "Anywhere I go, my friends come with me." She seems to like that and gets stuck in.

Judi will take on a very different role when Victoria & Abdul is out on September 15, as she portrays Queen Victoria in a true story about her friendship with Abdul Karim.

It looks great but no film is really complete without Lethal Bizzle jumping out of nowhere and delivering a few "POWs" for good measure.

The film is already wrapped up and ready for release, so we won't be seeing Biz in any of the scenes. However, there are rumours that he could contribute to the soundtrack, sparking another collaboration with Dame Judi.*

Stay Dench, LADs.

*This isn't true

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