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X Factor Fans Fuming After 'Fix' Leaves Kevin Without Proper Duet

X Factor Fans Fuming After 'Fix' Leaves Kevin Without Proper Duet

Rak-Su got Wycleff Jean and Naughty Boy, Grace got Paloma Faith and Kevin got a piano player from BGT.

James Dawson

James Dawson

X Factor fans were left fuming after an alleged fix gave Rak-Su two artists to duet with while the other competitors were only given one each.

The duets during the singing contest finals has long been a fan favourite, but this year the round left some viewers with a bitter taste.

Credit: ITV

Rak-Su were joined on stage by Wycleff Jean and Naughty Boy, Grace Davies was accompanied by Paloma Faith and Kevin Davy was paired up with an ex-Britain's Got Talent winner.

Fans didn't think the matches were fair, not least because BGT's Tokio Myers isn't even a singer.

Meanwhile, Judge Nicole Scherzinger was left fuming after Simon banned her from performing on stage with Kevin.

According to The Mirror, Nicole told a work colleague last week: "Nicole couldn't believe it when she was told Kevin would perform with Tokio.

"There was no discussion about it so it came as a huge shock.

"She went to speak to Simon about it but he had already made his decision and there was no changing it.

"Nicole was fuming."

In a recent interview, the X Factor head honcho himself revealed that he was once 'thrown in jail' for pointing a toy gun at a bus driver.

Speaking to the Alison Hammond on This Morning, the music mogul said: "It was a joke. I thought, I put a gun to... I shouldn't even be saying this... it was a pretend gun and we said to the bus driver, 'Take us to Watford' and he literally did not stop.

"I was in Watford the other day with Rak-Su and I told them this story, the last time I went to bloody Watford I was actually thrown in jail."

The industry heavyweight also revealed that he thought he was dead after taking a tumble down the stairs on his way to fetch some milk.

"It's kind of embarrassing. I went down to get some milk, which isn't very rock and roll, because I was feeling a little bit lightheaded. I fell down the staircase, woke up, I thought I was dead first of all. I swear to god."

After Alison joked that he should buy a stairlift, Cowell replied: "The day I get to that... the day I get to that, honest to god, it's over. I'll take an elevator; I'm not having a stairlift. Anyway, I'm fine now, thank you."

X Factor concludes at 7:20pm tonight on ITV1.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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