​Netflix Apparently Needs Binge Watchers To Rate Its Shows

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​Netflix Apparently Needs Binge Watchers To Rate Its Shows

While some of us are sat slogging away in an office, other people are out there living the dream as a professional footballer raking in zillions of pounds each week or travelling through outer space as an astronaut.

But, realistically, no dream job can ever match the prospect of sacking it all off and curling up with some Netflix, which remains the biggest fantasy for most of us as we step out of the front door at 8am.


Well, according to Esquire, watching hours of TV and film while maintaining an actual career could now be a thing - as Netflix is apparently after people to 'watch, research, rate, tag, annotate and write analysis for movie and TV content'.

That's right, folks, binge-watching crime docs and award-winning movies is now an actual profession, and one that we're sure you were born to take on.

The streaming site announced that it was looking for 'editorial analysts' in a job listing that was reportedly posted on Netflix's website, although the post has since been removed. There was also no detail on how much the position pays.

As far as dream jobs go, it'd be up there, right? Just think of the wealth of top quality content you'd be able to wade through.


Even just in March, Netflix added a whole host of gems including Martin Scorsese's Casino, the third season of Love, comedy favourite Forgetting Sarah Marshall, series two of Jessica Jones, the debut season of baking show Nailed It, Conor McGregor doc Notorious, Jackass 3.5: The Unrated Movie, little-known George Clooney corker Up In The Air and much, much more.


Then for April, the popular streaming service promises absolute classics like Scarface, Seven, The Lost Boys, Life Is Beautiful, Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines and Bad Boys, along with the likes of season three of Wakfu and a pastry spin-off series of Chef's Table.

The one that most of the UK is excited for, though, has to be the Great British Bake Off - the original one.


All seven seasons of the original BBC baking competition (I.e. the ones before its move to Channel 4) have been added to Netflix, which means you can now not only hang out with Mary, Mel and Sue again, but also re-live such memorable moments as Ian's baked Alaska, Selasi's lip licking, Nadiya's expressive eyebrows, Val's dancing, Mel accidentally crushing Howard's muffin with her elbow and, best of all, the squirrel with the giant testicles. Classic.

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