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New Netflix Series Cold Case Files Explores Unsolved True Crime Stories

New Netflix Series Cold Case Files Explores Unsolved True Crime Stories

The gripping doc re-examines long-standing unsolved murder cases

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

What's that you say? Another true crime series has landed on Netflix? Sign me up, or at least show me what I can expect. Ah, here it is - check out the trailer for Cold Case Files:

By now, most of us are pretty clued up on the multitude of true crime dramas out there.

And in terms of streaming sites, there a few better at finding a good scoop than the folks over at Netflix, which boasts an impressive roster of gripping docs.

Well, now the service has a new one, and it looks intense.

As the name suggests, Cold Case Files delves into old murders which were never solved. The show uses the latest advances in forensic technology and criminal psychology to re-examine a number of mysteries.

It also includes recent breakthroughs in the cases due to previously silent witnesses speaking out.

The legal docu-series had previously aired on the US cable channel A&E Network for five seasons before it was given a revamp for Netflix in 2017.

However, until it landed on the streaming site last month, it hadn't been available to subscribers in the UK.

The gripping series is now available to Netflix subscribers in the UK.

The first half of the gripping docu-series is narrated by Lethal Weapon actor Danny Glover, while US news anchor Bill Kurtis takes over for the second half.

The first episode, titled 'Little Lost Girl', follows the case of a young girl named Shauna Howe who was kidnapped and killed while making her way home from a costume party.

Cold Case Files is the latest in a long line of critically acclaimed true crime docs to hit our screens in recent years, joining the likes of The Staircase, Making a Murderer, and more recently, I Am A Killer.

Launched earlier this year, I Am A Killer consists of ten episodes, each of which explores the horrific crimes committed by various... well, yes, killers. The episodes go into the story of each of the people behind the often gruesome acts.

It re-examines long-unsolved murders.

Netflix describe the show as follows: "Death row inmates convicted of capital murder give a firsthand account of their crimes in this documentary series."

The series was available to stream in the UK on Netflix from 3 August (it was released in the US last year), and naturally it's piqued the morbid curiosity of viewers keen to gain some insight into the thoughts of the criminals - and the consequences.

But it's not just Netflix getting in on the action, Sky is also jumping on the true crime gravy train.

Just this month the company launched a brand new channel solely dedicated to documentaries.

Sky Crime will feature a whole load of programmes that will take a closer look at some of the worst criminals in history, as well as encourage its viewers to delve into various unsolved cases.

The channel has launched on Sky TV and Now TV packages, with the mysterious tagline of 'Question Everything'.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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