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Netflix Is Dropping A 'Stranger Things' Aftershow

Netflix Is Dropping A 'Stranger Things' Aftershow

What a time to be alive.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Stranger Things is probably the most highly-anticipated show on Netflix this year and now, finally, the wait is over. After what seems like about five years, fans of the show will hopefully get some answers about what's happened to Eleven and what the fuck is going on in the upside.

And if nine brand spanking new episodes isn't enough for you, then there's also a second show called Beyond Stranger Things, and it looks like it's a real treat for lovers of the show.

Credit: Beyond Stranger Things/Netflix

Good ol' Netflix is dropping the show in its entirety, just in time for a whole weekend of binge watching. Seriously, if you had plans this weekend, then go ahead and cancel them. In fact, daylight savings ends on Sunday, so there's even an extra hour to binge watch in. This has all worked out perfectly. And then as soon as you're done you can watch this.

Hosted by Stranger Things 'super fan' Jim Rash, the one-off special will go behind-the-scenes of the smash hit show, taking a look at what inspired its creators as well as speaking to members of cast and crew including Ross and Matt Duffer, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard.

I still can't get how different Eleven looks with hair. Credit: Netflix/Beyond Stranger Things

This definitely looks like the sort of things die-hard fans of the show will enjoy, I can't wait.

Beyond Stranger Things is 'spoiler heavy', and as such will only become available after you've watched the full second season. How clever is that?

It might help to fill the void when it gets to Sunday afternoon and you realise you've watched the entire second season and probably have a whole year to wait for the next one.


This type of after-show is a first for Netflix, but it's a popular idea on networks, with AMC making the Talking Dead - a Walking Dead one. These sort of things, if done well, can really draw in viewers, because increasingly, I think, people want to know more about how the shows they love are made.

Presumably, if it does well Netflix will introduce it to its other hit shows, I've got my fingers crossed for a Better Call Saul after-show. And can we do something with Making a Murderer, too?

The full second season is out on Netflix on 27 October and Beyond Stranger Things will be available as soon as you've watched the final episode.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Beyond Stranger Things

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