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Netflix Is Set To Drop A Bunch Of Horror Movies Just In Time For Halloween

Netflix Is Set To Drop A Bunch Of Horror Movies Just In Time For Halloween

Horror fans are about to be spoilt for choice

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

If you've already binge watched your way through Netflix's Marianne and now you're wondering what else you can scare yourself stupid with, then worry no longer. The streaming platform is set to add a bunch of new horror movies just in time for Halloween.

Horror-lovers are going to be spoilt for choice come October, with In the Tall Grass, Fractured, Eli, Rattlesnake and In the Shadow of the Moon all set to arrive between now and Halloween.

First up on 27 September is serial killer flick In the Shadow of the Moon. Set in 1988, it tells the tale of cop Thomas Lockhart who is on the trail of a mysterious serial killer who crops up every nine years.

Lockhart soon learns the killer's crimes defy scientific explanation and to get to the bottom of this particular case may cost him his family, career and even his sanity. Yikes.

Then on 4 October, you can settle down to watch In the Tall Grass - a creepy story based on a novella by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill (so you know it's going to be good). The movie shares the story of brother and sister Cal and Becky who hear a young boy shouting for help after becoming lost in a field of tall grass.

But things take a sinister turn when they try to rescue him and end up lost, separated and disoriented... it also seems as though they're not alone with something evil lurking close by.

On 11 October, Netflix will drop Fractured. A tense, psychological thriller which centres on dad Ray Monroe, who is making his way back from a weekend with his wife's in-laws when their daughter gets hurt in an accident.

Eli lands on Netflix on 18 October.

Ray and wife Joanna rush to the hospital, but after daughter Peri is taken away for testing, she and Joanna vanish - along with any record of their existence. Sounds like a bit of a bad time for our man Ray.

One week later, Netflix is set to release Eli. The flick centres on young Eli, a boy living with a mysterious debilitating illness that means he has to live completely sealed off from the rest of the world.

Thankfully, his parents find a doctor who thinks she can help with an experimental treatment. Not so thankfully, the treatment leaves Eli plagued with haunting experiences that have him questioning his life, who he can trust and what has happened inside his home.

Finally, there's Rattlesnake, which is released on 25 October and picks up the story of a single mum Katrina off to start a new life with her daughter Clara. The pair are struck by tragedy when their car breaks down and Clara is bitten be a poisonous rattlesnake.

In a desperate attempt to save Clara's life, Katrina enlists the help of a mysterious woman who is able to heal her. But, much like every deal made with a mysterious woman in exchange to save a life, there's a catch - and Katrina is then asked to kill a stranger by way of an exchange.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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