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Netflix's New Ted Bundy True Crime Series Drops Today

Netflix's New Ted Bundy True Crime Series Drops Today

The docu-series will feature never-heard-before audio interviews with the killer

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

We can't get enough of each and every true crime docu-series that Netflix brings to the table. There was Making A Murderer, Staircase and Evil Genius - and we loved them all.

Now, there's a new kid on the block - Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. And it's available in the UK from today.

Following the success of the previous documentaries - there is little doubt that this newbie, focusing on one of the world's most infamous killers, Ted Bundy, won't be another classic to add to the mix.

The docu-series will feature never-heard-before audio interviews with the violent sex offender while he was on death row, and with just four episodes in total you won't have any difficulty in binging the whole series in one go.

Born Theodore Robert Bundy, the killer was sentenced to death after confessing to some 30 murders, however some detectives claim the actual number of Bundy's victims in the 1970s could be much higher.

According to the synopsis on Netflix, the show is a 'cinematic self-portrait crafted from statements made by Ted Bundy', which will give us 'a unique look inside the mind of an infamous serial killer'.

And with the series set to hit our screens at the end of the month, audiences won't have long to wait until they get the chance to look into the mind of the notorious killer.

The new in-depth series into serial killer Ted Bundy starts today.

Today's release date will tie in with the 30th anniversary of Bundy's execution in 1989 and will focus on his murders, the media frenzy that surrounded his trials and his infamously charismatic way of charming women.

The show comes from Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated director Joe Berlinger, who is also behind Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, a forthcoming thriller starring Zac Efron as Bundy.

On the eve of his death, Bundy gave an exclusive interview with campaigner Dr James Dobson about his early life and what drove him to commit his atrocities.

In the chilling 45-minute interview, Bundy talked about how his obsession with pornography drove him to become a sinister, calculating killer.

However, as his obsession grew, he explained to Dr Dobson, the kind of porn he was looking at became more aggressive and explicit.

He said: "As a young boy - and I mean a boy of 12 or 13 certainly - I encountered outside the home softcore pornography. From time to time we'd come across pornographic books of a harder nature, more graphic you might say. And this also included such things as detective magazines.

"The most damaging kinds of pornography are those that involve sexual violence, because the wedding of those two forces, as I know only too well, brings about behaviour that is just too terrible to describe."

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