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New 'Infinity War' Cut To Expand On The Backstory Of Thanos

New 'Infinity War' Cut To Expand On The Backstory Of Thanos

Marvel fans, this'll tide you over until 'Avengers 4' comes out.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

If you're a huge Avengers fan, you'll want to wrap your head around this bit of news.

Marvel are thinking about releasing a special edition cut of Infinity War with an extra 30 minutes of footage that tells more of the story of the film's villain, Thanos.

Yes, that's right, the evil Titan, hell bent on destroying at least half of the universe is getting his own special cut.

According to the character's creator, Jim Starlin, they had to actually cut out a load of footage that told us more about Thanos, and instead of releasing this as deleted scenes they plan to re-integrate them into the film to beef it out and tell the story properly.

We know this because there was a panel discussion at Las Vegas Comic Con last week that involved Collider's Jon Schnepp, as well as Starlin. Despite having been present during filming and on the set to assist the directors of the film, the Russo brothers, Starlin was told that quite a bit of the character's material would have to be cut out.

However, instead of the scenes being left to become little more than extras to the home release, they are being reincorporated into what will essentially be a new movie altogether.

Marvel Studios

Schnepp said: "Jim Starlin found out that they're actually going to put it into a special edition Avengers: Infinity War... they weren't going to be seen as deleted scenes, they're actually going to be re-integrated into the film,"

That effectively means another quarter of the film being added to it. Brilliant news, and I'm certain, great for sales of the edition that contains that cut.

We don't have confirmation of this, it's worth remembering. We only have Jim Starlin's word to go by at this stage.

However, the guy was literally responsible for bringing the character to life, so you'd have to imagine that he isn't making it up.

The film itself broke box-office records when it came out. It enjoyed the single largest opening weekend of any film by earning $630m (£457).

To put that into context, Justice League didn't take that much in its entire cinematic run. Oh dear, DC Universe.

The Avengers series is not done yet, either. In fact, it was only a few days ago that it looked like the name for the fourth movie in the series was leaked.

Avengers: End Game seems to be the likely choice. This was revealed when cinematographer Trent Opaloch accidentally added that name to his online CV on his website.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios

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