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New 'Suicide Squad' Trailer Gives Us Another Look At The Joker

New 'Suicide Squad' Trailer Gives Us Another Look At The Joker

Yes or no?

Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper

Lead Image Credit: Warner Bros

After nearly a year of promotion, Suicide Squad is only a few days away.

It's been a strange campaign in many ways, the initial revealing looked to show the film as a dark, serious drama. Then the two full trailers that dropped after replaced that tension with huge musical scores that made the movie appear much less sombre and more, well, stupid.

When you couple this with Jared Leto's apparently horrifying imagining of the Joker, it's near impossible to tell what this film will actually be like.

Once again, this latest trailer focuses on Leto's character and it will give you a final look at the film before you can see it in its entirety on August 5th.

Words by Matthew Cooper

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