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Harry Potter Fans: You've Been Saying This Spell Wrong For 16 Years

Harry Potter Fans: You've Been Saying This Spell Wrong For 16 Years

Turns out, Seamus Finnigan could have avoided having a cup of water explode in his face, if only he'd got it right

Paddy Maddison

Paddy Maddison

Nobody enjoys finding out they've been pronouncing something wrong, especially when you realise it's been for 16 whole years.

Credit: Warner Bros.

With that in mind, it's a dose of bad news for Harry Potter fans, as thanks to Seamus Finnigan's lazy pronunciation, they've been saying this incantation wrong the whole time.

While practicing a transfiguration spell during Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the young Irish wizard tries, and fails miserably, to turn some water into rum.

And now it seems Seamus' failure could have something to do with the fact that he wasn't enunciating properly - in the end, he eventually manages to turn it into 'weak tea', before causing an explosion.

In the scene, the hapless lad appears to utter the words: "Eye of rabbit, harpring hum, turn this water into rum."

However, in order to get a tasty Caribbean alcoholic beverage, as opposed to a face full of ash and hot tea, what he should have said was: "Eye of rabbit, HARP STRING hum, turn this water into rum."

The more you know, eh?

The first Harry Potter book was published 20 years ago now, and if that doesn't make you feel suitably old and crusty then we're not sure what will. But in news revealed earlier this month, if you've still got a copy lying about somewhere, it could make you a nice Christmas bonus.

Credit: Bloomsbury

While a full collection of signed Harry Potter first editions will set you back more than £28,000 ($37,400), and the most paid at auction for a single JK Rowling book was a staggering £1.95 million ($2.6m), they aren't the only valuable Potter books floating around.

First editions, particularly of the first two books, could earn you £20 ($27) a pop nowadays, and while that may not be very much, if you've got the full set lurking somewhere in your home, you could make a considerable amount.

"Bonhams sold a set of first editions of the Harry Potter books in 2005 for £14,400 ($19,000), and on two occasions in 2007 sold copies of The Philosopher's Stone for £9,000 ($12,000)," Matthew Haley, head of books at auction house Bonhams, told Mirror Money.

"That first book in the series is worth hugely more than the subsequent volumes, and condition is everything. More recently first editions of the first book in fair condition have sold for around £4,000 ($5,300). Obviously genuine signatures or even better inscriptions by JK Rowling can add tremendously to the value."

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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