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​People Can Hear Janice From 'Friends' Laughing From A Photo

​People Can Hear Janice From 'Friends' Laughing From A Photo

If you're a Friends fan then you'll be pleased to know that the classic TV show has turned 25 today. That's right, it's a QUARTER OF A CENTURY since it first aired - and if you can remember it the first time round, it's likely that you're going to be feeling pretty old now.

Aside from the your favourite episodes that you've no doubt re-watched endlessly, as well as the timeless debate over the best character (it's Chandler btw), it's likely that one element of the show is going to be forever ingrained in your brain - I'm talking about Janice and that laugh.


Need a reminder? Enjoy...

The laugh is so memorable that fans can even hear it from a photo of her.

A Twitter user posted a photo of Janice (played by actor Maggie Wheeler) and everyone who saw it immediately cringed.

The photo went viral and continues to do the rounds


Fans all seem to agree on is the fact that Janice's laugh is unforgettable even after all these years.

One fan said: "I can hear this picture."

Another tweeted: "I hear her laugh from this picture and it's literally making me squirm. If I had her laugh as my alarm clock, I'd never be late cause I'd jump out of bed, out of her house."

A third added: "I was just idling, staring at the screen and I saw this picture. An annoying laugh akin to Fran Drescher's filled my head. WTF. I barely remember this character! How?"

Janice was Chandler Bings ex-girlfriend in the show, famous for her nasal voice, very loud and very annoying laugh and the catchphrase 'OH. MY. GAWD', which fans can probably also hear in their heads as they read this (sorry about that).

The fact she was no shrinking violet made her exaggerated New York mannerisms even more clear - we were left under no illusions as to why Chandler's balls would famously 'jump back inside' his body at the mere sound of her voice.

However, Janice herself seemed oblivious to everyone's irritation whenever she laughed - arguably the most haunting sound EVER - which somehow rendered her impervious to her ex's unguarded revulsion.

Friends was absolutely massive in its 90s/early-00s heyday and had a whopping 10 seasons, with a total of 236 episodes.

Still, shows you how far we've come when you consider how progressive the show was considered at the time. Wonder what we'll be saying about Fresh Meat in 25 years' time...?

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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​People Can Hear Janice From 'Friends' Laughing From A Photo

​People Can Hear Janice From 'Friends' Laughing From A Photo

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