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Phillip Schofield Ditched Live TV To Play With Heroic Boy

Phillip Schofield Ditched Live TV To Play With Heroic Boy

Isn't he a bit of a legend?

A little four-year-old boy called Jacob Onion came on This Morning to talk about how he saved his mum's life when she collapsed at home. Despite having a speech impediment, Jacob managed to call 999 and get his mum some help.

What an amazing little kid!

But when Jacob went on the programme, the shy little boy got distracted by the boats out of the window, so Phillip kept the little boy entertained and took him for a little wander to look at the Thames out the window.


Take a look here...

Credit: ITV

I mean who wants to talk to adults about something you did - even if it was saving your mum's life - when you could be looking at BOATS?!

Co-host Holly Willoughby kept it going chatting with Jacob's mum, while Philip and Jacob bonded over boat and tractor chat.


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And then Jacob was given an extra gift - a digger to ride on! YES. Boy is winning at life!

If you're feeling a bit low in January, you need to add Phil on Snapchat ASAP. It's basically the best decision you can make in 2017. He's pretty game for anything - here he is dressed up as Yoda.

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I 100 percent agree with this.

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