Phillip Schofield Picks A Fight With God Himself

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Phillip Schofield Picks A Fight With God Himself

Phillip Schofield has been known to go a bit savage every now and then.

Remember the time a 50-stone woman appeared on the show to tell him that she planned on having a baby and the pissed off host asked her: "How would you possibly look after a child?

"You are limiting your life at that size. Isn't it irresponsible to have a child and be that big?"

He's not bothered who you are, if he disagrees with you, he'll let you know.


And today was no exception, when a guest called Lorna Byrne appeared on This Morning to talk to Schoey and Rylan Clark about her experiences 'meeting God' and 'sitting on his knee'.

She told Schofield about the angel stood behind him, that has a 'male appearance', in fact, the host even seemed quite pleased about the whole situation saying: "I like it, I don't want to be sceptical about that, I like that allocated angel, that guiding force."

So far, so ITV daytime telly, right?


Lorna thinks we all have a guardian angel looking over us. Mine must be fucking exhausted. Credit: This Morning/ITV

Until Lorna got on to the topic of sitting on God's knee and then Phil decided that he had a few questions for Lorna's God and managed to make the whole thing nice and awkward.

As she told the hosts that every person in the world, whether good or bad, had a guardian angel and spoke about her time sitting in God's lap, sceptic Schofield piped up with: "There was a mini-bus in America the other week, where they were all killed in this crash coming back from some big church meeting.

"I mean, wouldn't you sit on God's lap and say, 'What are you doing?'"


Phillip was referring to a crash that happened in Texas last week, which killed 13 people.

Credit: This Morning/ITV

Throwing a few awkward glances, Lorna then admitted she hadn't asked God any questions like that, before adding that she will in future.


Like a dog with a bone, Phillip refused to drop the point, though, adding: "Next time you sit on his knee, will you ask him for me?

"Why did that crash happen? All those people injured, killed."

Hopefully Lorna can come back in a few weeks and let us all know what God said.

Featured Image Credit: This Morning/ITV

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