Photo Of Kit Harington And Emilia Clarke Kissing Goes Viral

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Photo Of Kit Harington And Emilia Clarke Kissing Goes Viral

When TV shows are so good, due to the impeccable job the actors do, you often find the lines between fiction and reality blurred.

For example, has anyone ever watched anything with Dwayne Johnson in and thought of him as anyone other than The Rock? It's doubtful, as he did such a good job of making everyone believe his wrestling character.

It's going to be the same fate for a lot of actors in Game of Thrones, as their legendary work will forever cement them as residents of Westeros, rather than any other roles they might get.


In fact, the show has created such a realistic illusion that people are freaking out over a real picture of Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke, who of course play Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Forgetting that they're aunt and nephew, people are rather enthralled in their current situation. So, when pictures from a photoshoot in 2012 - which shows them kissing - resurfaces, it kicks off a bit of a shit storm among fans.


Photographer Peggy Sitora said: "It was a small crew on that day, just a few of us out in the field. The chemistry between these four was huge, as you can see... I asked them to kiss, I suppose love was in the air, & I was just lucky enough to be there.," which seems to prove that their chemistry on screen is very similar off screen.

The five-year-old pictures are going viral again, as people think it might be a glimpse into the future for Jon and Dany.

In fact at this point we're probably better off if it is, because a few heads would explode if it didn't happen.

Pretty odd the way our minds work, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: HBO/Game of Thrones

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