Piers Morgan Goes Savage On Mum Whom He Reduced To Tears This Morning

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Piers Morgan Goes Savage On Mum Whom He Reduced To Tears This Morning

Earlier today, we brought you the story of Piers Morgan reducing a young mum to tears after calling her "the worst kind of parent."

Sarah Louise Bryan appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the fact that she invoiced a friend for £325 after her daughter's red leather boots were marked after a playdate.

At the time, it was reported that Piers apologised to the mum. However, his Twitter activity seems to tell a different story.


After the interview, Sarah spoke to The Sun Online where she revealed that she'd suffered a panic attack after the interview. She said: "I was so angry [when the interview ended] that I had a panic attack in the dressing room.

"Producers and people were apologising for what had happened.

"Piers is a vicious bully who is trying to be controversial - but as far as I am concerned he has no balls."

Piers loves a bit of drama, so it was no surprise when he responded to this Tweet with the following:


He then addressed Sarah directly after she Tweeted regarding his behaviour on the show..

Ouch. And a bit more for good measure...


Lord Alan Sugar then stuck his oar in, suggesting Piers may face the sack.

To which Piers replied.


The most recent Tweet regarding the situation...

During the debate, Sarah said: "If you sent your child somewhere to be looked after by a responsible parent and they came back with scratches on their body..."


Piers interrupted, saying: "But you're not a responsible parent, are you?"

She hit back: "But you don't even know what I am."

Piers then said: "I do know what kind of parent you are, you're the worst kind."

Eventually, Sarah's eyes began to fill up as she said: "I've had so much abuse [on social media], you don't even understand.

"You have absolutely no idea. This is nothing to do with my parenting and it is not fair.

"You know when I was younger I got abused and everything. And this is over a pair of shoes."

Sarah claims that 'as a designer' she doesn't want her child "to look anything less than pristine."

The argument doesn't show any signs of slowing.

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