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Piers Morgan Slams 'Love Island' Fans Following Sweary Tweet

Piers Morgan Slams 'Love Island' Fans Following Sweary Tweet

A fan of the show tweeted Piers a bunch of expletives in response to an interview he'd done with a former Love Island contestant

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Piers Morgan has said a Love Island viewer has confirmed everything he's said about fans of the show after she tweeted him a very-swear-word-laden tweet.

The fan who posted the tweet to Piers has since deleted it, but not before the former Mirror editor had shared it with his 6.55m followers.

The tweet, which came with an almost impressive eight swear-words, was in response to former Islander Rosie Williams' appearance on Good Morning Britain, in which Piers asked her: "What do your family make of you giving up this extraordinarily good, successful career to go and make yourself look stupid on TV?"

But apparently unfazed by Piers' question, Rosie replied: "My family are very proud of me, I don't think I made myself look stupid on TV.

"I was working 18-hour-days in a law firm, getting sleepless nights.

"It's not as glamorous as it seems and this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came up and it just seemed like the best thing for me."

Rosie continued to stand-up for the show, after Piers blasted the contestants for being a bit thick, replying: "You've got Alex in there who is a doctor so he's definitely not a half-wit."

Piers ended the interview by telling Rosie: "I'm very disappointed in you without even knowing you really. Maybe I'm the only one." I don't think she's arsed, pal.


Ever the voice of reason, Susanna Reid added: "It's so ironic that you, who has loads of qualifications and consider yourself an intelligent person - you're making a career on television. Why would you deny that opportunity to Rosie?"

And it clearly wasn't just Susanna who was less than impressed with Piers' attitude, as fans of the show flocked to social media to slam the GMB host and praise Rosie for how she handled the interview.

One wrote: "The way Piers Morgan spoke to Rosie on this morning was atrocious and reeked of male privilege. You cannot vilify women for choosing to make a career from reality TV when that is exactly what you did."

Another added: "Rosie held her own yet she shouldn't have to defend her life choices to to Piers fucking Morgan who has made many poor decisions in his lifetime. Why is he still on TV?"

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