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Reddit User Called Arya Stark Killing The Night King In Game of Thrones Back in 2017

Reddit User Called Arya Stark Killing The Night King In Game of Thrones Back in 2017

Any racing tips, Pulsar 1977?

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Be honest, were you as shocked and surprised by the ending of the latest Game of Thrones episode as everyone else?

Few could have seen that Arya Stark would smash the Night King down into tiny ice cubes after some nifty knife work. However, it looks like someone actually did. Ages ago, in fact.

A Reddit user known only as 'Pulsar1977' appears to have correctly called pretty much everything that happened in the most recent episode, as well as a few other significant details.

Before we get into it, this person is pretty big on Game of Thrones lore, and has obviously read the books. That probably helped them be as accurate as they were.

Didn't tell this guy, though.

In the archived post dated 10th August 2017, Pulsar explained: "In Season 7 Episode 4, a lot of emphasis was placed on the catspaw dagger that almost killed Bran.

"Why is this dagger so important? As I was wondering about the significance of this, a crazy idea came to mind. Bear with me for a moment:

"Is the dagger Lightbringer?"

Lightbringer is the sword wielded by the 'Prince Who Was Promised' or 'Azor Ahai' in case you're not immediately aware.

Pulsar continued: "Now, of course the prophesy speaks of a sword "made of living fire", but prophesies should never be taken literally.

"The hilt is made of dragon bone, which could account for the "fire" aspect. And the hilt also contains a ruby. Now, Melisandre's choker also has a ruby, so it seems that rubies are associated with the Lord of Light. Ergo, Lightbringer."

It was in Sam's book, remember?

So far, so good.

Later on in the post, the real truth starts flowing.

"One question remains: why did Bran give the dagger to Arya? Of course, she could pass the dagger to Jon or Dany, but let's assume that she doesn't.

"Does this mean that Arya is Azor Ahai? Based on the prophesies, that seems unlikely. She doesn't fit any of the criteria directly. Then again, with her face-changing abilities she's quite adaptable."

In the last paragraph, Pulsar concluded: "In the show, this encounter was instead given to Melisandre. Obviously, we know that Arya is associated with death, being an assassin and all, but perhaps she is connected to death in a deeper way.

"Will the Night King be the last name on her list? Finally, it would be ironic that "no one" will save the world."

The Night King didn't see it coming.

Bloody hell. That's some pretty good going. Any lottery predictions, Pulsar1977?

Did you call it? What do you think is going to happen next? Let us know over at Game of Thrones: Westeros Posting on Facebook.

Game of Thrones' eighth and final season continues with episode four on Monday 6th May at 2am, then again at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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