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Ricky Gervais Has Already Started Writing The Second Series Of After Life

Ricky Gervais Has Already Started Writing The Second Series Of After Life

It only hit our screens a few weeks ago but Ricky Gervais has announced he's already started writing the second series of bittersweet comedy After Life.


The comedian confirmed the news in a post to his Twitter account, thanking fans and critics for their kind words since the series was released earlier this year.

He shared a picture of his character sat on a bench alongside co-star Penelope Wilton, with the caption: "Thanks again for all the love for #AfterLife. I have never had a reaction like this.

"The reviews have been great but the response from viewers has been fucking amazing. And that means so much more to me. You are the best fans in the world."

Fans of the show were quick to comment on the post, praising the series.

One person wrote: "Your show is the best and so are you...keep making us laugh and even cry...can't wait for more...we all need you!"


While another said: "Can't wait for series 2! Total genius!"

And a third fan added: "My little family have had a tough year, we all sat and watched this together. We all laughed and we all cried. Absolutely amazing. Thank you."

The show itself follows Tony, played by Gervais, whose life is turned on its head after his wife Lisa (Kerry Godliman) suddenly dies and he swaps his nice-guy persona for an impulsive, devil-may-care attitude to the world.

Following its release on Friday (8 March), the six-episode comedy-drama received rave reviews, with many noting Gervais' trademark dark humour and bad taste jokes alongside some genuinely heartfelt messages on life and death.

Earlier this month, he confirmed he had ideas for a follow-up series.

He told the Metro: "I always do that just in case I die!

"Now I've thought about it, and I really would like to do a second series because I fell in love with the characters and I've got an idea of where it can go.

"The second series is always better. Usually because you know the actors.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"There's a little clue at the end of series one when he says, 'I'm just going to use my superpower for good.' He can still be an asshole, and just enjoy it more."

Before the show was released, the comedian admitted he was a bit apprehensive about tackling the issue of grief.

Gervais spoke on this topic amid apprehension surrounding how the show would deal with the sensitive subject matter, stating: "I don't think suicide is the topic. I think the topic is grief, and grief makes you think lots of things. I don't think suicide is any more the topic than him getting drunk every night.

"I treat it respectfully. Everyone assumes comedy about something is disrespectful. So I've heard round tables on radio shows discussing why Ricky Gervais shouldn't be making jokes about this subjects, and I'm like, 'Well, you're talking about it, I'm just doing it in a funny way.'"

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