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Robbie Williams Makes Fan's Dream Come True And Joins Him On Stage To Sing 'Angels'

Robbie Williams Makes Fan's Dream Come True And Joins Him On Stage To Sing 'Angels'

Robbie Wiliams jumped up on stage to help a contestant sing his classic song, 'Angels'.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

With the return of The X Factor comes a whole new batch judges, including Robbie Wiliams - who couldn't resist jumping up on stage to make a Take That fan's dream come true:

Customer Service Advisor and Robbie-lover Andy tells the judges he comes from Macclesfield - "Not far from when you come from, Stoke on Trent," he said to Robbie.

"Robbie, I cannot tell you what an inspiration Take That - and especially you, Robbie - have been to us all," he continued, adding: "Love you, Robbie."

Robbie replied: "Bless you, mate. That's very sweet."

Firstly, Andy treats us to 'Castle of Love', but is stopped by Simon, who wants to hear his second song.

It's then that the opening bars of 'Angels', a classic song of Robbie's, start. Realising the song that Andy plans to belt out, Robbie leaps up from his seat, saying with a smug grin: "I think you need a bit of help."

Andy looks like Christmas has come early, watching in sheer disbelief as Robbie makes his way on stage.

I mean, I think I'd actually be a bit miffed if I was about to smash an X Factor audition and someone ran up on stage to hog the limelight. But sure.

Viewers could see Robbie take a moment to truly milk it, waving to the crowds as he wanders on to the stage, before singing along with Andy and encouraging the crowds to wave their arms in the air.

He then grabbed the microphone from Andy to sing us towards the chorus, hugging the chuffed contestant.


Thankfully, Robbie's help didn't put any of the judges off too much, and Andy walked away with four yeses.

Along with Robbie Williams and X Factor veteran Simon Cowell, the new judging panel also features Robbie's wife Ayda Field and One Direction star Louis Tomlinson.

The big change should, hopefully, shake up the show a little bit - given that last series didn't end on a particularly high note, with many fans branding it the worst series yet and calling for it to be the last.

As the final episode wrapped up, one person tweeted: "That was the worst X Factor ever. Shit winners, no sing offs and only lasted about 5 weeks. Hopefully they revamp the show into something else next year. It's ran its course now."

Another wrote: "Think #XFactor needs a break to be fair. For me this has been one of the worst years. Lost its sparkle."

Someone else added: "Worst ever viewing figures for the X Factor and got destroyed by Strictly in the ratings! Why do ITV persist with this garbage? Its 5 years past its sell by date! ...bring back @GladiatorsTV lol."

Fingers crossed that this year might bring what the fans want. What do you think of the new judges so far?

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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