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Ryan Reynolds Wants A 'Deadpool'/'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Crossover

Ryan Reynolds Wants A 'Deadpool'/'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Crossover

The actor asked the GOTG screenwriter and director if he fancied making a crossover on Twitter

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

The Marvel Universe is absolutely first-class at pulling off a crossover - Avengers: Infinity War proved that once again, when it featured, well, just about every Marvel character ever to grace the screen.

I say 'just about every Marvel character' because obviously there were a few absent, maybe most notable, given the release of his new film, is Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

Sadly, there appeared to be no place in the (heart-wrenching) Infinity Wars for the Merc with the Mouth and with the rights to the character currently belonging to Fox, I can imagine it would be a slightly tricky one to pull-off.

However, now it looks as though Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director James Gunn are both kinda up for a crossover.

Taking to Twitter, James commented to say he had just seen, and 'loved' Deadpool 2
, while thanking Ryan for his role.

After thanking him for his kind words, Ryan wrote, 'crossover?'

And it looks like James is on-board, replying, "Yes, please."

I mean, on the face of it this is just a
harmless interaction on the Internet, but surely Ryan knows better than to try and make a throwaway comment on Twitter? Now you've said it, pal, we, the people, demand a Deadpool/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover.

For the time being Fox owns the rights to Deadpool, X-Men and Fantastic Four but with Disney currently looking to buy out Fox the crossover could be closer than ever - and now we have Deadpool himself (OK, Ryan) up for it, it's only a matter of time, right?

Deadpool 2 had an absolute stormer of a release weekend taking an estimated $125 million (£92,791,875) over the course the weekend, the movie not only knocked Avengers: Inifinity War from the top spot, but also broke the record for the highest-grossing opening day for an R-rated movie, raking in $53.3m (£39.5m) on Friday.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film also took $301m (£223m) globally. So imagine how big it would be if Deadpool got to hang around with Rocket? Dream team. Make it happen, Marvel.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel/Fox

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