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Sascha Baron Cohen Convinced A Food Critic He Was Eating Human Flesh

Sascha Baron Cohen Convinced A Food Critic He Was Eating Human Flesh

To be fair, would any headline surprise you about this show?

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Oh, Sacha Baron Cohen. Is there anything he won't do to make Americans look silly?

Over the course of his show Who Is America? Baron Cohen has outed racists, made gun-nuts look extremely... well, 'passionate', and invited a million threats of legal action against him and the team behind the show.

Arguably his finest new creation, however, is ex-convict Rick Sherman.

So far he has convinced Miami EDM 'legend' Jake Inphamous to drop a ridiculous track made out of the sounds of a guy being stabbed in prison - allegedly - in the middle of a set in a night club, he's had art critics cooing over shit paintings - quite literally, painted from shit - again, allegedly, and now he has turned his steely gaze to upsetting the food world.

We all know that it can get a bit pretentious in the world of fine dining, but this takes it to a new level.

He managed to convince Bill Jilla, a food critic for, that he was about to taste some interesting new foods inspired by his time in the nick.

Before you ask, no, it wasn't just porridge. Presumably this is a cultural reference that hasn't quite crossed the Atlantic. It's much worse than that anyway.

It started with beans on toast - so far, so normal - but then it abstracted away into something a lot more interesting, and a lot more disgusting.

I'll let him explain. Of the starter, he (Sherman) said: "When I was inside, I needed some veal. Obviously, we couldn't get it, so I used the services of a prisoner called Andy 'The Mule' Newman.

"He smuggled in some veal in the way that he traditionally did, in a prophylactic condom in his buttocks. And it was the most tender veal I've ever tasted. Essentially, the veal had been massaged every time he walked."

Yes, 'anally-aged veal'.

Jilla - figuratively - lapped it up. He said it was his favourite beef ever, in fact.

Then, the pièce de résistance. The main course.

He outdid himself. Cohen told a story about how during his time inside he developed a taste for human flesh, as you do. Then he proceeded to turn Jilla into a cannibal (sort of) by offering him 'a fillet of vegetarian-fed Chinese dissident and a cauliflower puree'.

Again, he loved it. It barely seemed to register that he was eating what he had been told was human meat. He even thanked the family of the 'dead man' that he had just eaten part of.

Hey, this is some low-hanging fruit (pun entirely intended) with regards to Cohen's scope for this show, but if you want to see a man slice into a strawberry condom thinking that it's beef that has been up a jailbird's arse, this is the show for you.

More power to you, Sacha Baron Cohen.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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