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Scarlett Moffatt Has Lifted The Lid On Her 'Phobia Lie'

Scarlett Moffatt Has Lifted The Lid On Her 'Phobia Lie'

She was accused of being a faker.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Earlier this week, just hours after being crowned Queen of the Jungle, Scarlett Moffatt was called out by fans for 'lying' about her fear of lifts.

Before taking part in her last Bushtucker trial the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! winner said to Ant and Dec: "I can feel myself getting upset. But I feel if I can do this I might finally be able to go in lifts because I was on the 34th floor out here and I walked the stairs because I can't stand small spaces."

Credit: ITV

This led to dozens of viewers taking to Twitter to share several photos from Scarlett's Instagram account which show her posing in a lift with her other half, Luke.

Speaking to The Sun, Scarlett attempted to clear up the backlash: "It's not a lift phobia; it's claustrophobia. Claustrophobia is being scared of confined spaces. I haven't got a fear of lifts; I've got a fear of not being able to see an escape.

"It's not just lifts; it's the same if there's too many bubbles in the bath. I can't put my head under the water as if I opened my eyes I couldn't see a way out. Or I can't go in a small room without a window, or even a big one."

So, that's sort of cleared that up then...

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