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Someone Reckons ‘Elf’ Could Be The Prequel To ‘Step Brothers’

Someone Reckons ‘Elf’ Could Be The Prequel To ‘Step Brothers’

One Twitter user thinks he’s spotted a link that connects family favourite 'Elf' with cult comedy classic 'Step Brothers'.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Fan theories about films and TV shows are the best, and that's because they're either hilariously dumb or hilariously smart. And because it's the festive period, there's been a lot of speculation about a whole bunch of old favourites.

One Twitter user, @BarstoolTrent, thinks he's spotted a link that connects family favourite Elf with cult comedy classic Step Brothers - both starring Will Ferrell.

"What if Buddy's step mom in Elf divorced James Caan, got custody of Buddy, renamed Buddy to Brennan, remarried and that's Step Brothers?" the Tweet said.

Credit: Elf / New Line Cinema

We'll let you decide whether you think that falls into the dumb or smart camp of hilarious, but either way, it seems lots of people are on board.

One person even said how sad it was that things didn't work out between Buddy and his then-love interest, Jovie - because, of course, he later moved on to his hot therapist, Denise.

I mean, both Buddy the Elf and Brennan from Step Brothers are very similar in the sense that they're strange man-child characters - but then the same can be said for pretty much all of Will Ferrell's roles, let's face it.

Other people, however, don't seem too convinced - saying that Mary Steenburgen's character in each film has a different name, for starters.

Of course, Elf's not the only Christmas film that's been subject to a bit of fan theorying. One eagle-eyed Reddit user even suggests that in Home Alone, Kevin's father Peter may have sabotaged his son's chance of Parisian festivities, directing us to a clip where he can be seen throwing Kevin's ticket in the bin.

Writer Jason Concepcion also went as far to speculate that Kevin grew up to become serial killer Jigsaw, after displaying 'anger-control issues, a proclivity for violent fantasies, and voyeuristic tendencies, combined with a fetish for recorded video'.

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema / Columbia Pictures

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